Package nilfs-utils

Utilities for managing NILFS v2 filesystems

Userspace utilities for creating and mounting NILFS v2 filesystems.

General Commands
Command Description
lscp list NILFS2 checkpoints
lssu list usage state of NILFS2 segments
File Formats
File Description
nilfs_cleanerd.conf nilfs_cleanerd(8) configuration file
System Administration
Command Description
chcp change mode of NILFS2 checkpoints
dumpseg print segment information of NILFS2
mkcp make a NILFS2 checkpoint
mkfs.nilfs2 create a NILFS2 filesystem
mount.nilfs2 mount a NILFS2 file system
nilfs the new implementation of a log-structured file system
nilfs-clean run garbage collector on NILFS file system
nilfs-resize resize NILFS file system volume size
nilfs-tune adjust tunable file system parameters on NILFS file system
nilfs_cleanerd NILFS2 garbage collector
rmcp remove NILFS2 checkpoints
umount.nilfs2 unmount NILFS2 file systems