Package NFStest

NFS Testing Tool

Provides a set of tools for testing either the NFS client or the NFS server,
most of the functionality is focused mainly on testing the client.

Version: 3.2

General Commands

nfstest NFS Test Suite
nfstest_alloc Space reservation tests
nfstest_cache NFS client side caching tests
nfstest_delegation Delegation tests
nfstest_dio Direct I/O tests
nfstest_fcmp NFS file compare
nfstest_file Find all packets for a specific file
nfstest_interop NFS interoperability tests
nfstest_io I/O tool
nfstest_lock Locking tests
nfstest_pkt Packet trace decoder
nfstest_pnfs Basic pNFS functional tests
nfstest_posix POSIX file system level access tests
nfstest_rdma NFS-over-RDMA functional tests
nfstest_sparse Sparse file tests
nfstest_ssc Server side copy tests
nfstest_xattr Extended Attributes tests
nfstest_xid Verify packets are matched correctly by their XID

Library Functions

baseobj Base object
formatstr String Formatter object
nfstest.file_io File I/O module Host module
nfstest.nfs_util NFS utilities module
nfstest.rexec Remote procedure module
nfstest.test_util Test utilities module
nfstest.utils Utilities module
packet.application.dns DNS module
packet.application.dns_const DNS constants module
packet.application.gss GSS module
packet.application.gss_const GSS constants module
packet.application.krb5 KRB5 module
packet.application.krb5_const KRB5 constants module
packet.application.ntp4 NTP module
packet.application.rpc RPC module
packet.application.rpc_const RPC constants module
packet.application.rpc_creds RPC Credentials module
packet.application.rpcordma RPCORDMA decoding module
packet.application.rpcordma_const RPCORDMA constants module
packet.derunpack DER decoding module
packet.internet.arp ARP module
packet.internet.arp_const ARP constants module
packet.internet.ipv4 IPv4 module
packet.internet.ipv6 IPv6 module
packet.internet.ipv6addr IPv6Addr module ERF module ETHERNET module ETHERNET constants module MacAddr module ERF module ERF module VLAN module
packet.nfs.mount3 MOUNTv3 decoding module
packet.nfs.mount3_const MOUNTv3 constants module
packet.nfs.nfs NFS module
packet.nfs.nfs3 NFSv3 decoding module
packet.nfs.nfs3_const NFSv3 constants module
packet.nfs.nfs4 NFSv4 decoding module
packet.nfs.nfs4_const NFSv4 constants module
packet.nfs.nfsbase NFS Base module
packet.nfs.nlm4 NLMv4 decoding module
packet.nfs.nlm4_const NLMv4 constants module
packet.nfs.portmap2 PORTMAPv2 decoding module
packet.nfs.portmap2_const PORTMAPv2 constants module
packet.pkt Pkt module
packet.pktt Packet trace module
packet.record Record module
packet.transport.ddp DDP module
packet.transport.ib InfiniBand module
packet.transport.mpa MPA module
packet.transport.rdmainfo RDMA reassembly module
packet.transport.rdmap RDMAP module
packet.transport.tcp TCP module
packet.transport.udp UDP module
packet.unpack Unpack module
packet.utils Pktt utilities module