Package NFStest

NFS Testing Tool

Provides a set of tools for testing either the NFS client or the NFS server,
most of the functionality is focused mainly on testing the client.

Version: 2.1.5

General Commands

nfstest NFS Test Suite
nfstest_alloc Space reservation tests
nfstest_cache NFS client side caching tests
nfstest_delegation Delegation tests
nfstest_dio Direct I/O tests
nfstest_file Find all packets for a specific file
nfstest_interop NFS interoperability tests
nfstest_io I/O tool
nfstest_lock Locking tests
nfstest_pkt Packet trace decoder
nfstest_pnfs Basic pNFS functional tests
nfstest_posix POSIX file system level access tests
nfstest_sparse Sparse file tests
nfstest_ssc Server side copy tests
nfstest_xid Verify packets are matched correctly by their XID

Library Functions

baseobj Base object
formatstr String Formatter object
nfstest.file_io File I/O module Host module
nfstest.nfs_util NFS utilities module
nfstest.rexec Remote procedure module
nfstest.test_util Test utilities module
nfstest.utils Utilities module
packet.application.dns DNS module
packet.application.dns_const DNS constants module
packet.application.gss GSS module
packet.application.gss_const GSS constants module
packet.application.krb5 KRB5 module
packet.application.krb5_const KRB5 constants module
packet.application.ntp4 NTP module
packet.application.rpc RPC module
packet.application.rpc_const RPC constants module
packet.application.rpc_creds RPC Credentials module
packet.derunpack DER decoding module
packet.internet.arp ARP module
packet.internet.arp_const ARP constants module
packet.internet.ipv4 IPv4 module
packet.internet.ipv6 IPv6 module
packet.internet.ipv6addr IPv6Addr module ETHERNET module MacAddr module
packet.nfs.mount3 MOUNTv3 decoding module
packet.nfs.mount3_const MOUNTv3 constants module
packet.nfs.nfs NFS module
packet.nfs.nfs3 NFSv3 decoding module
packet.nfs.nfs3_const NFSv3 constants module
packet.nfs.nfs4 NFSv4 decoding module
packet.nfs.nfs4_const NFSv4 constants module
packet.nfs.nfsbase NFS Base module
packet.nfs.nlm4 NLMv4 decoding module
packet.nfs.nlm4_const NLMv4 constants module
packet.nfs.portmap2 PORTMAPv2 decoding module
packet.nfs.portmap2_const PORTMAPv2 constants module
packet.pkt Pkt module
packet.pktt Packet trace module
packet.record Record module
packet.transport.tcp TCP module
packet.transport.udp UDP module
packet.unpack Unpack module
packet.utils Pktt utilities module