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Package nfs-ganesha-rados-grace

The NFS-GANESHA command for managing the RADOS grace database


This package contains the ganesha-rados-grace tool for interacting with the
database used by the rados_cluster recovery backend and the
libganesha_rados_grace shared library for using RADOS storage for
recovery state.

Version: 5.7

See also: nfs-ganesha, nfs-ganesha-ceph, nfs-ganesha-gluster, nfs-ganesha-gpfs, nfs-ganesha-proxy-v3, nfs-ganesha-proxy-v4, nfs-ganesha-rgw, nfs-ganesha-utils, nfs-ganesha-vfs.

System Administration

ganesha-rados-cluster-design Clustered RADOS Recovery Backend Design
ganesha-rados-grace manipulate the shared grace management database