Package netplan

Network configuration tool using YAML

netplan reads network configuration from /etc/netplan/*.yaml which are written by administrators,
installers, cloud image instantiations, or other OS deployments. During early boot, it generates
backend specific configuration files in /run to hand off control of devices to a particular
networking daemon.

Currently supported backends are NetworkManager and systemd-networkd.

Version: 0.105

File Formats

netplan YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends

System Administration

netplan-apply apply configuration from netplan YAML files to a running system
netplan-dbus daemon to access netplan's functionality via a DBus API
netplan-generate generate backend configuration from netplan YAML files
netplan-get read merged netplan YAML configuration
netplan-set write netplan YAML configuration snippets to file
netplan-try try a configuration, optionally rolling it back