Package netopeer2-server

netopeer2 NETCONF server

netopeer2-server is a server for implementing network configuration management
based on the NETCONF Protocol. This is the second generation, originally
available as the Netopeer project. Netopeer2 is based on the new generation of
the NETCONF and YANG libraries - libyang and libnetconf2. The Netopeer2 server
uses sysrepo as a NETCONF datastore implementation.

Server configuration is stored as "ietf-netconf-server" YANG module
data in sysrepo. They are accessible for "root" and any user beloning to
the group "netconf", which is created if it does not exist.

Version: 2.1.42

System Administration

netopeer2-server NETCONF server daemon build on libnetconf2 with sysrepo datastore