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Package netavark

OCI network stack


OCI network stack

Netavark is a rust based network stack for containers. It is being
designed to work with Podman but is also applicable for other OCI
container management applications.

Netavark is a tool for configuring networking for Linux containers.
Its features include:
* Configuration of container networks via JSON configuration file
* Creation and management of required network interfaces,
    including MACVLAN networks
* All required firewall configuration to perform NAT and port
    forwarding as required for containers
* Support for iptables and firewalld at present, with support
    for nftables planned in a future release
* Support for rootless containers
* Support for IPv4 and IPv6
* Support for container DNS resolution via aardvark-dns.

Version: 1.11.0

General Commands

netavark Configure a given network namespace for use by a container