Package net-snmp-perl

The perl NET-SNMP module and the mib2c tool

The net-snmp-perl package contains the perl files to use SNMP from within

Install the net-snmp-perl package, if you want to use mib2c or SNMP
with perl.

Version: 5.9.3

See also: net-snmp, net-snmp-devel, net-snmp-gui, net-snmp-utils.

General Commands

mib2c generate template code for extending the agent
mib2c-update script to merge custom code into updated mib2c code
snmp-bridge-mib provide Linux bridge information via SNMP
traptoemail snmptrapd handler script to convert snmp traps into emails

File Formats

mib2c.conf How to write mib2c.conf files to do ANYTHING based on MIB input.