Package net-snmp-devel

The development environment for the NET-SNMP project

The net-snmp-devel package contains the development libraries and
header files for use with the NET-SNMP project's network management

Install the net-snmp-devel package if you would like to develop
applications for use with the NET-SNMP project's network management
tools. You'll also need to have the net-snmp and net-snmp-utils
packages installed.

Version: 5.9.3

See also: net-snmp, net-snmp-gui, net-snmp-perl, net-snmp-utils.

General Commands

net-snmp-config returns information about installed net-snmp libraries and binaries

Library Functions

SNMP The Perl5 'SNMP' Extension Module for the Net-SNMP SNMP package.
add_mibdir alias for netsnmp_mib_api
add_module_replacement alias for netsnmp_mib_api
config_perror alias for netsnmp_config_api
config_pwarn alias for netsnmp_config_api
default_store generic storage of global data.
fprint_description alias for netsnmp_mib_api
fprint_objid alias for netsnmp_mib_api
fprint_value alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
fprint_variable alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
get_module_node alias for netsnmp_mib_api
netsnmp_agent_api embedding an agent into a external application
netsnmp_config_api netsnmp_config_api functions
netsnmp_init_mib alias for netsnmp_mib_api
netsnmp_mib_api netsnmp_mib_api functions
netsnmp_pdu_api netsnmp_pdu_api functions
netsnmp_read_module alias for netsnmp_mib_api
netsnmp_sess_api session functions
netsnmp_session_api netsnmp_session_api functions
netsnmp_trap_api send TRAPs or INFORMs from a Net-SNMP MIB module
netsnmp_varbind_api netsnmp_varbind_api functions
print_description alias for netsnmp_mib_api
print_mib alias for netsnmp_mib_api
print_objid alias for netsnmp_mib_api
print_value alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
print_variable alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
read_all_mibs alias for netsnmp_mib_api
read_config_print_usage alias for netsnmp_config_api
read_configs alias for netsnmp_config_api
read_mib alias for netsnmp_mib_api
read_objid alias for netsnmp_mib_api
read_premib_configs alias for netsnmp_config_api
register_app_config_handler alias for netsnmp_config_api
register_app_prenetsnmp_mib_handler alias for netsnmp_config_api
register_config_handler alias for netsnmp_config_api
register_const_config_handler alias for netsnmp_config_api
register_mib_handlers alias for netsnmp_config_api
register_prenetsnmp_mib_handler alias for netsnmp_config_api
send_easy_trap alias for netsnmp_trap_api
send_trap_vars alias for netsnmp_trap_api
send_v2trap alias for netsnmp_trap_api
shutdown_mib alias for netsnmp_mib_api
snmp_add_null_var alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_alarm alarm functions
snmp_alarm_register alias for snmp_alarm
snmp_alarm_register_hr alias for snmp_alarm
snmp_alarm_unregister alias for snmp_alarm
snmp_api_errstring alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_async_send alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_clone_pdu alias for netsnmp_pdu_api
snmp_clone_varbind alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_close alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_error alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_fix_pdu alias for netsnmp_pdu_api
snmp_free_pdu alias for netsnmp_pdu_api
snmp_free_var alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_free_varbind alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_open alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_parse_oid alias for netsnmp_mib_api
snmp_pdu_add_variable alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_pdu_create alias for netsnmp_pdu_api
snmp_perror alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_read alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_select_info alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_send alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_sess_async_send alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_close alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_error alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_init alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_open alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_perror alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_sess_read alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_select_info alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_send alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_session alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_synch_response alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_sess_timeout alias for netsnmp_sess_api
snmp_set_mib_errors alias for netsnmp_mib_api
snmp_set_mib_warnings alias for netsnmp_mib_api
snmp_set_save_descriptions alias for netsnmp_mib_api
snmp_set_var_objid alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_set_var_typed_integer alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_set_var_typed_value alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_set_var_value alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snmp_synch_response alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_timeout alias for netsnmp_session_api
snmp_varlist_add_variable alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snprint_description alias for netsnmp_mib_api
snprint_objid alias for netsnmp_mib_api
snprint_value alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
snprint_variable alias for netsnmp_varbind_api
unregister_all_config_handlers alias for netsnmp_config_api
unregister_app_config_handler alias for netsnmp_config_api
unregister_config_handler alias for netsnmp_config_api