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Package neon-devel

Development libraries and C header files for the neon library


The development library for the C language HTTP and WebDAV client library.

Version: 0.33.0

General Commands

neon-config script providing information about installed copy of neon library

Library Functions

ne_add_request_header add headers to a request
ne_addr_destroy alias for ne_addr_resolve
ne_addr_error alias for ne_addr_resolve
ne_addr_first alias for ne_addr_resolve
ne_addr_next alias for ne_addr_resolve
ne_addr_resolve functions to resolve hostnames to addresses
ne_addr_result alias for ne_addr_resolve
ne_buffer string buffer handling
ne_buffer_altered alias for ne_buffer_clear
ne_buffer_append append data to a string buffer
ne_buffer_clear clear, grow, or mark as altered a string buffer
ne_buffer_concat alias for ne_buffer_append
ne_buffer_create create a string buffer
ne_buffer_destroy destroy a buffer object
ne_buffer_finish alias for ne_buffer_destroy
ne_buffer_grow alias for ne_buffer_clear
ne_buffer_ncreate alias for ne_buffer_create
ne_buffer_zappend alias for ne_buffer_append
ne_calloc alias for ne_malloc
ne_close_connection alias for ne_session_create
ne_forget_auth alias for ne_set_server_auth
ne_get_error error handling for HTTP sessions
ne_get_request_flag alias for ne_set_request_flag
ne_get_response_header functions to access response headers
ne_get_scheme alias for ne_set_useragent
ne_get_server_hostport alias for ne_set_useragent
ne_get_session_flag alias for ne_set_session_flag
ne_get_status retrieve HTTP response status for request
ne_has_support determine feature support status
ne_i18n_init functions to initialize internationalization support
ne_iaddr_cmp alias for ne_iaddr_make
ne_iaddr_free alias for ne_iaddr_make
ne_iaddr_make functions to manipulate network addresses
ne_iaddr_parse alias for ne_iaddr_make
ne_iaddr_print alias for ne_iaddr_make
ne_iaddr_raw alias for ne_iaddr_make
ne_iaddr_reverse alias for ne_iaddr_make
ne_iaddr_typeof alias for ne_iaddr_make
ne_malloc memory allocation wrappers
ne_oom_callback alias for ne_malloc
ne_print_request_header alias for ne_add_request_header
ne_qtoken alias for ne_token
ne_realloc alias for ne_malloc
ne_request_create low-level HTTP request handling
ne_request_destroy alias for ne_request_create
ne_request_dispatch alias for ne_request_create
ne_response_header_iterate alias for ne_get_response_header
ne_session_create set up HTTP sessions
ne_session_destroy alias for ne_session_create
ne_session_proxy configure proxy servers
ne_session_socks_proxy alias for ne_session_proxy
ne_session_system_proxy alias for ne_session_proxy
ne_set_addrlist alias for ne_session_proxy
ne_set_connect_timeout alias for ne_set_useragent
ne_set_error alias for ne_get_error
ne_set_proxy_auth alias for ne_set_server_auth
ne_set_read_timeout alias for ne_set_useragent
ne_set_request_body_buffer include a message body with a request
ne_set_request_body_fd alias for ne_set_request_body_buffer
ne_set_request_body_provider alias for ne_set_request_body_buffer
ne_set_request_flag set and retrieve per-request flags
ne_set_server_auth register authentication callbacks
ne_set_session_flag set and retrieve session flags
ne_set_useragent common properties for HTTP sessions
ne_shave trim whitespace from a string
ne_sock_exit alias for ne_sock_init
ne_sock_init perform library initialization
ne_ssl_cert_cmp functions to operate on certificate objects
ne_ssl_cert_export alias for ne_ssl_cert_read
ne_ssl_cert_free alias for ne_ssl_cert_cmp
ne_ssl_cert_identity functions to access certificate properties
ne_ssl_cert_import alias for ne_ssl_cert_read
ne_ssl_cert_issuer alias for ne_ssl_cert_identity
ne_ssl_cert_read functions to read or write certificates to and from files or strings
ne_ssl_cert_signedby alias for ne_ssl_cert_identity
ne_ssl_cert_subject alias for ne_ssl_cert_identity
ne_ssl_cert_write alias for ne_ssl_cert_read
ne_ssl_clicert_decrypt alias for ne_ssl_clicert_read
ne_ssl_clicert_encrypted alias for ne_ssl_clicert_read
ne_ssl_clicert_free alias for ne_ssl_clicert_read
ne_ssl_clicert_name alias for ne_ssl_clicert_read
ne_ssl_clicert_owner alias for ne_ssl_clicert_read
ne_ssl_clicert_read SSL client certificate handling
ne_ssl_dname_cmp alias for ne_ssl_readable_dname
ne_ssl_readable_dname SSL distinguished name handling
ne_ssl_set_verify register an SSL certificate verification callback
ne_ssl_trust_cert functions to indicate that certificates are trusted
ne_ssl_trust_default_ca alias for ne_ssl_trust_cert
ne_status HTTP status structure
ne_strdup alias for ne_malloc
ne_strhash string hash interface
ne_strndup alias for ne_malloc
ne_strparam HTTP extended parameter value encoding
ne_token string tokenizers
ne_version_match library versioning
ne_version_string alias for ne_version_match
ne_vstrhash alias for ne_strhash
ne_xml_create create and destroy an XML parser
ne_xml_destroy alias for ne_xml_create
neon HTTP and WebDAV client library