Package ndisc6

IPv6 diagnostic tools

This package gathers a few diagnostic tools for IPv6 networks:
- ndisc6, which performs ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery in user-land,
- rdisc6, which performs ICMPv6 Router Discovery in user-land,
- rltraceroute6, yet another IPv6 implementation of traceroute,
- tcptraceroute6, a TCP/IPv6-based traceroute implementation,
- tracert6, a ICMPv6 Echo Request based traceroute,
- tcpspray6, a TCP/IP Discard/Echo bandwidth meter.
General Commands
Command Description
addr2name perform DNS lookups from scripts
dnssort sort DNS hostnames
name2addr alias for addr2name
tcpspray TCP/IP bandwidth measurement tool (Discard and Echo client)
tcpspray6 alias for tcpspray
System Administration
Command Description
ndisc6 ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery tool
rdisc6 ICMPv6 Router Discovery tool
rdnssd IPv6 Recursive DNS Server discovery Daemon
rltraceroute6 IPv6 traceroute tool
tcptraceroute6 alias for rltraceroute6
tracert6 alias for rltraceroute6