Package ncurses-devel

Development files for the ncurses library

The header files and libraries for developing applications that use
the ncurses terminal handling library.

Install the ncurses-devel package if you want to develop applications
which will use ncurses.

Version: 6.4

See also: ncurses.

General Commands

ncursesw6-config configuration helper for ncurses libraries

Library Functions

BC.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
COLORS.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
COLOR_BLACK.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_BLUE.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_CYAN.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_GREEN.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_MAGENTA.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_PAIR.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_PAIRS.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
COLOR_RED.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_WHITE.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLOR_YELLOW.3x alias for curs_color.3x
COLS.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
ERR.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
ESCDELAY.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
FALSE.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
LINES.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
NCURSES_SCREEN_CB.3x alias for curs_threads.3x
NCURSES_WINDOW_CB.3x alias for curs_threads.3x
OK.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
PAIR_NUMBER.3x alias for curs_color.3x
PC.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
SCREEN.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
SP.3x alias for term_variables.3x
TABSIZE.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
TRUE.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
TYPE_ALNUM.3x alias for form_variables.3x
TYPE_ALPHA.3x alias for form_variables.3x
TYPE_ENUM.3x alias for form_variables.3x
TYPE_INTEGER.3x alias for form_variables.3x
TYPE_IPV4.3x alias for form_variables.3x
TYPE_NUMERIC.3x alias for form_variables.3x
TYPE_REGEXP.3x alias for form_variables.3x
UP.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
WINDOW.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
_nc_free_and_exit.3x alias for curs_memleaks.3x
_nc_free_tinfo.3x alias for curs_memleaks.3x
_nc_freeall.3x alias for curs_memleaks.3x
_nc_tracebits.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_traceattr.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_traceattr2.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracecchar_t.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracecchar_t2.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracechar.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracechtype.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracechtype2.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracedump.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracef.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
_tracemouse.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
acs_map.3x alias for term_variables.3x
add_wch.3x alias for curs_add_wch.3x
add_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
add_wchstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
addch.3x alias for curs_addch.3x
addchnstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
addchstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
addnstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
addnwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
addstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
addwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
alloc_pair.3x alias for new_pair.3x
alloc_pair_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
assume_default_colors.3x alias for default_colors.3x
assume_default_colors_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
attr_get.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
attr_off.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
attr_on.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
attr_set.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
attr_t.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
attroff.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
attron.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
attrset.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
baudrate.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
baudrate_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
beep.3x alias for curs_beep.3x
beep_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
bkgd.3x alias for curs_bkgd.3x
bkgdset.3x alias for curs_bkgd.3x
bkgrnd.3x alias for curs_bkgrnd.3x
bkgrndset.3x alias for curs_bkgrnd.3x
bool.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
boolcodes.3x alias for term_variables.3x
boolfnames.3x alias for term_variables.3x
boolnames.3x alias for term_variables.3x
border.3x alias for curs_border.3x
border_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
bottom_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
box.3x alias for curs_border.3x
box_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
can_change_color.3x alias for curs_color.3x
can_change_color_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
cbreak.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
cbreak_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
cchar_t.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
ceiling_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
chgat.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
chtype.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
clear.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
clearok.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
clrtobot.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
clrtoeol.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
color_content.3x alias for curs_color.3x
color_content_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
color_set.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
copywin.3x alias for curs_overlay.3x
cur_term.3x alias for term_variables.3x
current_field.3x alias for form_page.3x
current_item.3x alias for mitem_current.3x
curs_add_wch.3x add a curses complex character to a window and advance the cursor
curs_add_wchstr.3x add a curses complex character string to a window
curs_addch.3x add a curses character to a window and advance the cursor
curs_addchstr.3x add a curses character string to a window
curs_addstr.3x add a string to a curses window and advance the cursor
curs_addwstr.3x add a wide-character string to a curses window and advance the cursor
curs_attr.3x manipulate attributes of character cells in curses windows
curs_beep.3x ring the (visual) bell of the terminal with curses
curs_bkgd.3x manipulate background of a curses window of characters
curs_bkgrnd.3x manipulate background of a curses window of wide characters
curs_border.3x draw borders and lines in a curses window of characters
curs_border_set.3x draw borders and lines in a curses window of wide characters
curs_clear.3x clear all or part of a curses window
curs_color.3x manipulate terminal colors with curses
curs_delch.3x delete the character at the cursor in a curses window
curs_deleteln.3x delete or insert lines in a curses window
curs_extend.3x miscellaneous curses extensions
curs_get_wch.3x get (or push back) a wide character from curses terminal keyboard
curs_get_wstr.3x get a wide-character string from a curses terminal keyboard
curs_getcchar.3x convert between a wide-character string and a curses complex character string
curs_getch.3x get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getstr.3x accept character strings from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getyx.3x get curses cursor and window coordinates
curs_in_wch.3x get a curses complex character from a window
curs_in_wchstr.3x get a curses complex character string from a window
curs_inch.3x get a curses character from a window
curs_inchstr.3x get a curses character string from a window
curs_initscr.3x initialize, manipulate, or tear down curses terminal interface
curs_inopts.3x get and set curses terminal input options
curs_ins_wch.3x insert a curses complex character in a window
curs_ins_wstr.3x insert a wide-character string in a curses window
curs_insch.3x insert a curses character in a window
curs_insstr.3x insert a string in a curses window
curs_instr.3x get a string from a curses window
curs_inwstr.3x get a wide-character string from a curses window
curs_kernel.3x low-level curses routines
curs_legacy.3x get curses cursor and window coordinates or attributes (legacy)
curs_memleaks.3x check for memory leaks in curses
curs_mouse.3x get mouse events in curses
curs_move.3x move cursor in a curses window
curs_opaque.3x obtain curses window properties
curs_outopts.3x set curses output options
curs_overlay.3x overlay curses windows and manipulate them
curs_pad.3x create and display curses pads
curs_print.3x write binary data to printer using terminfo capabilities
curs_printw.3x write formatted output to a curses window
curs_refresh.3x refresh curses windows or lines thereupon
curs_scanw.3x read formatted input from a curses window
curs_scr_dump.3x read/write a curses screen from/to a file
curs_scroll.3x scroll a curses window
curs_set.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
curs_set_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
curs_slk.3x curses soft label key routines
curs_sp_funcs.3x curses screen-pointer extension
curs_termattrs.3x curses environment query routines
curs_termcap.3x curses emulation of termcap
curs_terminfo.3x curses interfaces to terminfo database
curs_threads.3x curses support for multi-threaded applications
curs_touch.3x control terminal output refresh in a curses window
curs_trace.3x curses debugging routines
curs_util.3x miscellaneous curses utility routines
curs_variables.3x curses data types, constants, and global variables
curs_window.3x create and manipulate curses windows
curscr.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
curses.3x alias for ncurses.3x
curses_trace.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
curses_version.3x alias for curs_extend.3x
data_ahead.3x alias for form_data.3x
data_behind.3x alias for form_data.3x
def_prog_mode.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
def_prog_mode_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
def_shell_mode.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
def_shell_mode_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
default_colors.3x use terminal's default colors
define_key.3x define a curses keycode
define_key_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
del_curterm.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
del_curterm_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
del_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
delay_output.3x alias for curs_util.3x
delay_output_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
delch.3x alias for curs_delch.3x
deleteln.3x alias for curs_deleteln.3x
delscreen.3x alias for curs_initscr.3x
delwin.3x alias for curs_window.3x
derwin.3x alias for curs_window.3x
doupdate.3x alias for curs_refresh.3x
doupdate_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
dup_field.3x alias for form_field_new.3x
dupwin.3x alias for curs_window.3x
dynamic_field_info.3x alias for form_field_info.3x
echo.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
echo_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
echo_wchar.3x alias for curs_add_wch.3x
echochar.3x alias for curs_addch.3x
endwin.3x alias for curs_initscr.3x
endwin_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
erase.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
erasechar.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
erasechar_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
erasewchar.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
erasewchar_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
exit_curses.3x alias for curs_memleaks.3x
exit_terminfo.3x alias for curs_memleaks.3x
extended_color_content.3x alias for curs_color.3x
extended_color_content_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
extended_pair_content.3x alias for curs_color.3x
extended_pair_content_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
extended_slk_color.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
extended_slk_color_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
field_arg.3x alias for form_field_validation.3x
field_back.3x alias for form_field_attributes.3x
field_buffer.3x alias for form_field_buffer.3x
field_count.3x alias for form_field.3x
field_fore.3x alias for form_field_attributes.3x
field_index.3x alias for form_page.3x
field_info.3x alias for form_field_info.3x
field_init.3x alias for form_hook.3x
field_just.3x alias for form_field_just.3x
field_opts.3x alias for form_field_opts.3x
field_opts_off.3x alias for form_field_opts.3x
field_opts_on.3x alias for form_field_opts.3x
field_pad.3x alias for form_field_attributes.3x
field_status.3x alias for form_field_buffer.3x
field_term.3x alias for form_hook.3x
field_type.3x alias for form_field_validation.3x
field_userptr.3x alias for form_field_userptr.3x
filter.3x alias for curs_util.3x
filter_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
find_pair.3x alias for new_pair.3x
find_pair_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
flash.3x alias for curs_beep.3x
flash_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
flushinp.3x alias for curs_util.3x
flushinp_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
form.3x curses extension for programming forms
form_cursor.3x position a form window cursor
form_data.3x test for off-screen data in given forms
form_driver.3x command-processing loop of the form system
form_driver_w.3x alias for form_driver.3x
form_field.3x make and break connections between fields and forms
form_field_attributes.3x color and attribute control for form fields
form_field_buffer.3x field buffer control
form_field_info.3x retrieve field characteristics
form_field_just.3x retrieve field characteristics
form_field_new.3x create and destroy form fields
form_field_opts.3x set and get field options
form_field_userptr.3x associate application data with a form field
form_field_validation.3x data type validation for fields
form_fields.3x alias for form_field.3x
form_fieldtype.3x define validation-field types
form_hook.3x set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
form_init.3x alias for form_hook.3x
form_new.3x create and destroy forms
form_new_page.3x form pagination functions
form_opts.3x set and get form options
form_opts_off.3x alias for form_opts.3x
form_opts_on.3x alias for form_opts.3x
form_page.3x set and get form page number
form_post.3x write or erase forms from associated subwindows
form_request_by_name.3x alias for form_requestname.3x
form_request_name.3x alias for form_requestname.3x
form_requestname.3x handle printable form request names
form_sub.3x alias for form_win.3x
form_term.3x alias for form_hook.3x
form_userptr.3x associate application data with a form item
form_variables.3x form system global variables
form_win.3x make and break form window and subwindow associations
free_field.3x alias for form_field_new.3x
free_fieldtype.3x alias for form_fieldtype.3x
free_form.3x alias for form_new.3x
free_item.3x alias for mitem_new.3x
free_menu.3x alias for menu_new.3x
free_pair.3x alias for new_pair.3x
free_pair_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
get_escdelay.3x alias for curs_threads.3x
get_escdelay_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
get_wch.3x alias for curs_get_wch.3x
get_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
getattrs.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getbegx.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getbegy.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getbegyx.3x alias for curs_getyx.3x
getbkgd.3x alias for curs_bkgd.3x
getbkgrnd.3x alias for curs_bkgrnd.3x
getcchar.3x alias for curs_getcchar.3x
getch.3x alias for curs_getch.3x
getcurx.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getcury.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getmaxx.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getmaxy.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getmaxyx.3x alias for curs_getyx.3x
getmouse.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
getmouse_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
getn_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
getnstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
getparx.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getpary.3x alias for curs_legacy.3x
getparyx.3x alias for curs_getyx.3x
getstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
getsyx.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
getwin.3x alias for curs_util.3x
getwin_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
getyx.3x alias for curs_getyx.3x
ground_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
halfdelay.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
halfdelay_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
has_colors.3x alias for curs_color.3x
has_colors_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
has_ic.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
has_ic_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
has_il.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
has_il_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
has_key.3x alias for curs_getch.3x
has_key_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
has_mouse.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
has_mouse_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
hide_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
hline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
hline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
idcok.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
idlok.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
immedok.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
in_wch.3x alias for curs_in_wch.3x
in_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
in_wchstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
inch.3x alias for curs_inch.3x
inchnstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
inchstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
init_color.3x alias for curs_color.3x
init_color_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
init_extended_color.3x alias for curs_color.3x
init_extended_color_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
init_extended_pair.3x alias for curs_color.3x
init_extended_pair_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
init_pair.3x alias for curs_color.3x
init_pair_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
initscr.3x alias for curs_initscr.3x
innstr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
innwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
ins_nwstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
ins_wch.3x alias for curs_ins_wch.3x
ins_wstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
insch.3x alias for curs_insch.3x
insdelln.3x alias for curs_deleteln.3x
insertln.3x alias for curs_deleteln.3x
insnstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
insstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
instr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
intrflush.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
intrflush_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
inwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
is_cbreak.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
is_cbreak_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
is_cleared.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_echo.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
is_echo_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
is_idcok.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_idlok.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_immedok.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_keypad.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_leaveok.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_linetouched.3x alias for curs_touch.3x
is_nl.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
is_nl_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
is_nodelay.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_notimeout.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_pad.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_raw.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
is_raw_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
is_scrollok.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_subwin.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_syncok.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
is_term_resized.3x alias for resizeterm.3x
is_term_resized_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
is_wintouched.3x alias for curs_touch.3x
isendwin.3x alias for curs_initscr.3x
isendwin_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
item_count.3x alias for menu_items.3x
item_description.3x alias for mitem_name.3x
item_index.3x alias for mitem_current.3x
item_init.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
item_name.3x alias for mitem_name.3x
item_opts.3x alias for mitem_opts.3x
item_opts_off.3x alias for mitem_opts.3x
item_opts_on.3x alias for mitem_opts.3x
item_term.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
item_userptr.3x alias for mitem_userptr.3x
item_value.3x alias for mitem_value.3x
item_visible.3x alias for mitem_visible.3x
key_defined.3x test whether a curses keycode is defined
key_defined_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
key_name.3x alias for curs_util.3x
keybound.3x get definition of curses keycode
keybound_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
keyname.3x alias for curs_util.3x
keyname_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
keyok.3x enable or disable a curses keycode
keyok_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
keypad.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
killchar.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
killchar_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
killwchar.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
killwchar_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
leaveok.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
legacy_coding.3x override curses locale encoding checks
link_field.3x alias for form_field_new.3x
link_fieldtype.3x alias for form_fieldtype.3x
longname.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
longname_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
mcprint.3x alias for curs_print.3x
mcprint_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
menu.3x curses extension for programming menus
menu_attributes.3x color and attribute control for menus
menu_back.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
menu_cursor.3x position a menu's cursor
menu_driver.3x command-processing loop of the menu system
menu_fore.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
menu_format.3x set and get menu sizes
menu_grey.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
menu_hook.3x set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
menu_init.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
menu_items.3x make and break connections between items and menus
menu_mark.3x get and set the menu mark string
menu_new.3x create and destroy menus
menu_opts.3x set and get menu options
menu_opts_off.3x alias for menu_opts.3x
menu_opts_on.3x alias for menu_opts.3x
menu_pad.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
menu_pattern.3x set and get a menu's pattern buffer
menu_post.3x write or erase menus from associated subwindows
menu_request_by_name.3x alias for menu_requestname.3x
menu_request_name.3x alias for menu_requestname.3x
menu_requestname.3x handle printable menu request names
menu_spacing.3x set and get spacing between menu items.
menu_sub.3x alias for menu_win.3x
menu_term.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
menu_userptr.3x associate application data with a menu item
menu_win.3x make and break menu window and subwindow associations
meta.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
mitem_current.3x set and get current_menu_item
mitem_name.3x get menu item name and description fields
mitem_new.3x create and destroy menu items
mitem_opts.3x set and get menu item options
mitem_userptr.3x associate application data with a menu item
mitem_value.3x set and get menu item values
mitem_visible.3x check visibility of a menu item
mouse_trafo.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
mouseinterval.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
mouseinterval_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
mousemask.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
mousemask_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
move.3x alias for curs_move.3x
move_field.3x alias for form_field.3x
move_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
mvadd_wch.3x alias for curs_add_wch.3x
mvadd_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
mvadd_wchstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
mvaddch.3x alias for curs_addch.3x
mvaddchnstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
mvaddchstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
mvaddnstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
mvaddnwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
mvaddstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
mvaddwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
mvchgat.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
mvcur.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
mvcur_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
mvdelch.3x alias for curs_delch.3x
mvderwin.3x alias for curs_window.3x
mvget_wch.3x alias for curs_get_wch.3x
mvget_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
mvgetch.3x alias for curs_getch.3x
mvgetn_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
mvgetnstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
mvgetstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
mvhline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
mvhline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
mvin_wch.3x alias for curs_in_wch.3x
mvin_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
mvin_wchstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
mvinch.3x alias for curs_inch.3x
mvinchnstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
mvinchstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
mvinnstr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
mvinnwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
mvins_nwstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
mvins_wch.3x alias for curs_ins_wch.3x
mvins_wstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
mvinsch.3x alias for curs_insch.3x
mvinsnstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
mvinsstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
mvinstr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
mvinwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
mvprintw.3x alias for curs_printw.3x
mvscanw.3x alias for curs_scanw.3x
mvvline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
mvvline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
mvwadd_wch.3x alias for curs_add_wch.3x
mvwadd_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
mvwadd_wchstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
mvwaddch.3x alias for curs_addch.3x
mvwaddchnstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
mvwaddchstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
mvwaddnstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
mvwaddnwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
mvwaddstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
mvwaddwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
mvwchgat.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
mvwdelch.3x alias for curs_delch.3x
mvwget_wch.3x alias for curs_get_wch.3x
mvwget_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
mvwgetch.3x alias for curs_getch.3x
mvwgetn_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
mvwgetnstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
mvwgetstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
mvwhline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
mvwhline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
mvwin.3x alias for curs_window.3x
mvwin_wch.3x alias for curs_in_wch.3x
mvwin_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
mvwin_wchstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
mvwinch.3x alias for curs_inch.3x
mvwinchnstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
mvwinchstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
mvwinnstr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
mvwinnwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
mvwins_nwstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
mvwins_wch.3x alias for curs_ins_wch.3x
mvwins_wstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
mvwinsch.3x alias for curs_insch.3x
mvwinsnstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
mvwinsstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
mvwinstr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
mvwinwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
mvwprintw.3x alias for curs_printw.3x
mvwscanw.3x alias for curs_scanw.3x
mvwvline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
mvwvline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
napms.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
napms_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
ncurses.3x character-cell terminal interface with optimized output
new_field.3x alias for form_field_new.3x
new_fieldtype.3x alias for form_fieldtype.3x
new_form.3x alias for form_new.3x
new_form_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
new_item.3x alias for mitem_new.3x
new_menu.3x alias for menu_new.3x
new_menu_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
new_page.3x alias for form_new_page.3x
new_pair.3x dynamically allocate curses color pairs
new_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
new_prescr.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
newpad.3x alias for curs_pad.3x
newpad_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
newscr.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
newterm.3x alias for curs_initscr.3x
newterm_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
newwin.3x alias for curs_window.3x
newwin_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
nl.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
nl_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
nocbreak.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
nocbreak_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
nodelay.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
noecho.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
noecho_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
nofilter.3x alias for curs_util.3x
nofilter_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
nonl.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
nonl_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
noqiflush.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
noqiflush_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
noraw.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
noraw_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
notimeout.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
numcodes.3x alias for term_variables.3x
numfnames.3x alias for term_variables.3x
numnames.3x alias for term_variables.3x
ospeed.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
overlay.3x alias for curs_overlay.3x
overwrite.3x alias for curs_overlay.3x
pair_content.3x alias for curs_color.3x
pair_content_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
panel.3x panel stack extension for curses
panel_above.3x alias for panel.3x
panel_below.3x alias for panel.3x
panel_hidden.3x alias for panel.3x
panel_userptr.3x alias for panel.3x
panel_window.3x alias for panel.3x
pecho_wchar.3x alias for curs_pad.3x
pechochar.3x alias for curs_pad.3x
pnoutrefresh.3x alias for curs_pad.3x
pos_form_cursor.3x alias for form_cursor.3x
pos_menu_cursor.3x alias for menu_cursor.3x
post_form.3x alias for form_post.3x
post_menu.3x alias for menu_post.3x
prefresh.3x alias for curs_pad.3x
printw.3x alias for curs_printw.3x
putp.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
putp_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
putwin.3x alias for curs_util.3x
qiflush.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
qiflush_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
raw.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
raw_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
redrawwin.3x alias for curs_refresh.3x
refresh.3x alias for curs_refresh.3x
replace_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
reset_color_pairs.3x alias for curs_color.3x
reset_color_pairs_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
reset_prog_mode.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
reset_prog_mode_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
reset_shell_mode.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
reset_shell_mode_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
resetty.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
resetty_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
resize_term.3x alias for resizeterm.3x
resize_term_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
resizeterm.3x manage the terminal dimensions understood by curses
resizeterm_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
restartterm.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
restartterm_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
ripoffline.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
ripoffline_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
savetty.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
savetty_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
scale_form.3x alias for form_win.3x
scale_menu.3x alias for menu_win.3x
scanw.3x alias for curs_scanw.3x
scr_dump.3x alias for curs_scr_dump.3x
scr_init.3x alias for curs_scr_dump.3x
scr_init_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
scr_restore.3x alias for curs_scr_dump.3x
scr_restore_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
scr_set.3x alias for curs_scr_dump.3x
scr_set_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
scrl.3x alias for curs_scroll.3x
scroll.3x alias for curs_scroll.3x
scrollok.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
set_current_field.3x alias for form_page.3x
set_current_item.3x alias for mitem_current.3x
set_curterm.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
set_curterm_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
set_escdelay.3x alias for curs_threads.3x
set_escdelay_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
set_field_back.3x alias for form_field_attributes.3x
set_field_buffer.3x alias for form_field_buffer.3x
set_field_fore.3x alias for form_field_attributes.3x
set_field_init.3x alias for form_hook.3x
set_field_just.3x alias for form_field_just.3x
set_field_opts.3x alias for form_field_opts.3x
set_field_pad.3x alias for form_field_attributes.3x
set_field_status.3x alias for form_field_buffer.3x
set_field_term.3x alias for form_hook.3x
set_field_type.3x alias for form_field_validation.3x
set_field_userptr.3x alias for form_field_userptr.3x
set_fieldtype_arg.3x alias for form_fieldtype.3x
set_fieldtype_choice.3x alias for form_fieldtype.3x
set_form_fields.3x alias for form_field.3x
set_form_init.3x alias for form_hook.3x
set_form_opts.3x alias for form_opts.3x
set_form_page.3x alias for form_page.3x
set_form_sub.3x alias for form_win.3x
set_form_term.3x alias for form_hook.3x
set_form_userptr.3x alias for form_userptr.3x
set_form_win.3x alias for form_win.3x
set_item_init.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
set_item_opts.3x alias for mitem_opts.3x
set_item_term.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
set_item_userptr.3x alias for mitem_userptr.3x
set_item_value.3x alias for mitem_value.3x
set_max_field.3x alias for form_field_buffer.3x
set_menu_back.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
set_menu_fore.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
set_menu_format.3x alias for menu_format.3x
set_menu_grey.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
set_menu_init.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
set_menu_items.3x alias for menu_items.3x
set_menu_mark.3x alias for menu_mark.3x
set_menu_opts.3x alias for menu_opts.3x
set_menu_pad.3x alias for menu_attributes.3x
set_menu_pattern.3x alias for menu_pattern.3x
set_menu_spacing.3x alias for menu_spacing.3x
set_menu_sub.3x alias for menu_win.3x
set_menu_term.3x alias for menu_hook.3x
set_menu_userptr.3x alias for menu_userptr.3x
set_menu_win.3x alias for menu_win.3x
set_new_page.3x alias for form_new_page.3x
set_panel_userptr.3x alias for panel.3x
set_tabsize.3x alias for curs_threads.3x
set_tabsize_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
set_term.3x alias for curs_initscr.3x
set_top_row.3x alias for mitem_current.3x
setcchar.3x alias for curs_getcchar.3x
setscrreg.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
setsyx.3x alias for curs_kernel.3x
setterm.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
setupterm.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
show_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
slk_attr.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_attr_off.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_attr_on.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_attr_set.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_attr_set_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_attr_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_attroff.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_attroff_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_attron.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_attron_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_attrset.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_attrset_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_clear.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_clear_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_color.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_color_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_init.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_init_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_label.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_label_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_noutrefresh.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_noutrefresh_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_refresh.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_refresh_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_restore.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_restore_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_set.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_set_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_touch.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
slk_touch_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
slk_wset.3x alias for curs_slk.3x
standend.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
standout.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
start_color.3x alias for curs_color.3x
start_color_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
stdscr.3x alias for curs_variables.3x
strcodes.3x alias for term_variables.3x
strfnames.3x alias for term_variables.3x
strnames.3x alias for term_variables.3x
subpad.3x alias for curs_pad.3x
subwin.3x alias for curs_window.3x
syncok.3x alias for curs_window.3x
term_attrs.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
term_attrs_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
term_variables.3x terminfo global variables
termattrs.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
termattrs_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
termname.3x alias for curs_termattrs.3x
termname_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tgetent.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
tgetent_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tgetflag.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
tgetflag_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tgetnum.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
tgetnum_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tgetstr.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
tgetstr_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tgoto.3x alias for curs_termcap.3x
tgoto_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tigetflag.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
tigetflag_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tigetnum.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
tigetnum_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tigetstr.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
tigetstr_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
timeout.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
tiparm.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
tiparm_s.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
tiscan_s.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
top_panel.3x alias for panel.3x
top_row.3x alias for mitem_current.3x
touchline.3x alias for curs_touch.3x
touchwin.3x alias for curs_touch.3x
tparm.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
tparm_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
tputs.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
tputs_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
trace.3x alias for curs_trace.3x
ttytype.3x alias for term_variables.3x
typeahead.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
typeahead_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
unctrl.3x alias for curs_util.3x
unctrl_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
unfocus_current_field.3x alias for form_page.3x
unget_wch.3x alias for curs_get_wch.3x
unget_wch_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
ungetch.3x alias for curs_getch.3x
ungetch_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
ungetmouse.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
ungetmouse_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
unpost_form.3x alias for form_post.3x
unpost_menu.3x alias for menu_post.3x
untouchwin.3x alias for curs_touch.3x
update_panels.3x alias for panel.3x
update_panels_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
use_default_colors.3x alias for default_colors.3x
use_default_colors_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
use_env.3x alias for curs_util.3x
use_env_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
use_extended_names.3x alias for curs_extend.3x
use_legacy_coding.3x alias for legacy_coding.3x
use_legacy_coding_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
use_screen.3x alias for curs_threads.3x
use_tioctl.3x alias for curs_util.3x
use_tioctl_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
use_window.3x alias for curs_threads.3x
vid_attr.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
vid_attr_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
vid_puts.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
vid_puts_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
vidattr.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
vidattr_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
vidputs.3x alias for curs_terminfo.3x
vidputs_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
vline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
vline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
vw_printw.3x alias for curs_printw.3x
vw_scanw.3x alias for curs_scanw.3x
vwprintw.3x alias for curs_printw.3x
vwscanw.3x alias for curs_scanw.3x
wadd_wch.3x alias for curs_add_wch.3x
wadd_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
wadd_wchstr.3x alias for curs_add_wchstr.3x
waddch.3x alias for curs_addch.3x
waddchnstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
waddchstr.3x alias for curs_addchstr.3x
waddnstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
waddnwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
waddstr.3x alias for curs_addstr.3x
waddwstr.3x alias for curs_addwstr.3x
wattr_get.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wattr_off.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wattr_on.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wattr_set.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wattroff.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wattron.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wattrset.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wbkgd.3x alias for curs_bkgd.3x
wbkgdset.3x alias for curs_bkgd.3x
wbkgrnd.3x alias for curs_bkgrnd.3x
wbkgrndset.3x alias for curs_bkgrnd.3x
wborder.3x alias for curs_border.3x
wborder_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
wchgat.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wclear.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
wclrtobot.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
wclrtoeol.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
wcolor_set.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wcursyncup.3x alias for curs_window.3x
wdelch.3x alias for curs_delch.3x
wdeleteln.3x alias for curs_deleteln.3x
wecho_wchar.3x alias for curs_add_wch.3x
wechochar.3x alias for curs_addch.3x
wenclose.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
werase.3x alias for curs_clear.3x
wget_wch.3x alias for curs_get_wch.3x
wget_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
wgetbkgrnd.3x alias for curs_bkgrnd.3x
wgetch.3x alias for curs_getch.3x
wgetdelay.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
wgetn_wstr.3x alias for curs_get_wstr.3x
wgetnstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
wgetparent.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
wgetscrreg.3x alias for curs_opaque.3x
wgetstr.3x alias for curs_getstr.3x
whline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
whline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x
win_wch.3x alias for curs_in_wch.3x
win_wchnstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
win_wchstr.3x alias for curs_in_wchstr.3x
winch.3x alias for curs_inch.3x
winchnstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
winchstr.3x alias for curs_inchstr.3x
winnstr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
winnwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
wins_nwstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
wins_wch.3x alias for curs_ins_wch.3x
wins_wstr.3x alias for curs_ins_wstr.3x
winsch.3x alias for curs_insch.3x
winsdelln.3x alias for curs_deleteln.3x
winsertln.3x alias for curs_deleteln.3x
winsnstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
winsstr.3x alias for curs_insstr.3x
winstr.3x alias for curs_instr.3x
winwstr.3x alias for curs_inwstr.3x
wmouse_trafo.3x alias for curs_mouse.3x
wmove.3x alias for curs_move.3x
wnoutrefresh.3x alias for curs_refresh.3x
wprintw.3x alias for curs_printw.3x
wredrawln.3x alias for curs_refresh.3x
wrefresh.3x alias for curs_refresh.3x
wresize.3x resize a curses window
wscanw.3x alias for curs_scanw.3x
wscrl.3x alias for curs_scroll.3x
wsetscrreg.3x alias for curs_outopts.3x
wstandend.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wstandout.3x alias for curs_attr.3x
wsyncdown.3x alias for curs_window.3x
wsyncup.3x alias for curs_window.3x
wtimeout.3x alias for curs_inopts.3x
wtouchln.3x alias for curs_touch.3x
wunctrl.3x alias for curs_util.3x
wunctrl_sp.3x alias for curs_sp_funcs.3x
wvline.3x alias for curs_border.3x
wvline_set.3x alias for curs_border_set.3x