Package ncid-client

NCID (Network Caller ID) client

The NCID client obtains the Caller ID from the NCID server and normally
displays it in a GUI window. It can also display the Called ID in a
terminal window or, using an output module, format the output and send it
to another program.

This package contains the NCID client and output modules that are not
separate packages.

Version: 1.12

See also: ncid, ncid-gateways, ncid-kpopup, ncid-mysql, ncid-mythtv, ncid-samba, ncid-speak.

General Commands

ncid Network Caller ID Client
ncid-alert send NCID call or message desktop notifications
ncid-initmodem use ncidd to reinitialize modem to Caller ID mode
ncid-notify send an NCID notification to your iOS device
ncid-page ncid-page
ncid-skel ncid-skel
ncid-wakeup ncid-wakeup
ncid-yac send Caller ID to YAC listeners

File Formats

ncid.conf ncid configuration file


ncid_modules NCID client output modules overview