Package ncid

Network Caller ID server, client and gateways

NCID is Caller ID (CID) distributed over a network to a variety of
devices and computers. NCID includes a server, gateways, a client,
client output modules and command line tools.

The NCID server obtains the Caller ID information from a modem,
a serial or USB device and from gateways: NCID, OBI, SIP, WC, YAC and XDMF.

This package contains the server and command line tools.
The gateways are in the ncid-gateways package.
The client and default modules are in the ncid-client package.

Version: 1.13

See also: ncid-client, ncid-gateways, ncid-kpopup, ncid-mysql, ncid-mythtv, ncid-samba, ncid-speak.

General Commands

cidalias view alias definitions in the NCID alias, blacklist and whitelist files
cidcall view calls, hangups, messages and end of calls in the NCID call file
cidupdate update aliases in the NCID call file
get-areacodes-list fetch the latest valid-area-codes derived from wikipedia
get-fcc-list fetch the latest fcc.blacklist derived from FCC Complaints data
hangup-calls hangup-calls
hangup-closed-skel hangup-closed-skel
hangup-combo-skel hangup-combo-skel
hangup-fakenum hangup-fakenum
hangup-fcc hangup-fcc
hangup-greylist hangup-greylist
hangup-message-skel hangup-message-skel
hangup-nohangup hangup-nohangup
hangup-skel hangup-skel
ncid-setup execute setup scripts
ncid-yearlog create a yearly call log from the monthly call logs
ncidnumberinfo shows country information and country formatted number
ncidrotate keep lines in cidcall.log after it is rotated
ncidutil manipulate entries in the alias, blacklist and whitelist files
update-cidcall update-cidcall

File Formats

ncidd.alias NCID Server Alias File
ncidd.blacklist blacklist file for ncidd hangup
ncidd.conf ncidd configuration file
ncidd.greylist greylist file for ncidd hangup
ncidd.whitelist whitelist file for ncidd hangup
ncidrotate.conf ncidrotate configuration file
rotatebysize.conf rotate configuration file


ncid_extensions NCID extensions overview
ncid_modems NCID modems overview
ncid_recordings NCID recordings overview
ncid_tools NCID tools overview

System Administration

ncidd Network Caller ID Server