Package nbdkit-server

The nbdkit server

This package contains the nbdkit server with no plugins or filters.

Version: 1.27.3

General Commands

nbdkit toolkit for creating NBD servers
nbdkit-captive run nbdkit under another process and have it reliably cleaned up
nbdkit-client how to mount NBD filesystems on a client machine
nbdkit-loop use nbdkit with the Linux kernel client to create loop devices and loop mounts
nbdkit-probing how to probe for nbdkit configuration and plugins
nbdkit-protocol which parts of the NBD protocol nbdkit supports
nbdkit-security information about past security issues in nbdkit
nbdkit-service running nbdkit as a service, and systemd socket activation
nbdkit-tls authentication and encryption of NBD connections (sometimes incorrectly called "SSL")