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Package nbdkit-devel

Development files and documentation for nbdkit


This package contains development files and documentation
for nbdkit. Install this package if you want to develop
plugins for nbdkit.

Version: 1.39.9

General Commands

nbdkit-release-notes-1.10 release notes for nbdkit 1.10
nbdkit-release-notes-1.12 release notes for nbdkit 1.12
nbdkit-release-notes-1.14 release notes for nbdkit 1.14
nbdkit-release-notes-1.16 release notes for nbdkit 1.16
nbdkit-release-notes-1.18 release notes for nbdkit 1.18
nbdkit-release-notes-1.20 release notes for nbdkit 1.20
nbdkit-release-notes-1.22 release notes for nbdkit 1.22
nbdkit-release-notes-1.24 release notes for nbdkit 1.24
nbdkit-release-notes-1.26 release notes for nbdkit 1.26
nbdkit-release-notes-1.28 release notes for nbdkit 1.28
nbdkit-release-notes-1.30 release notes for nbdkit 1.30
nbdkit-release-notes-1.32 release notes for nbdkit 1.32
nbdkit-release-notes-1.34 release notes for nbdkit 1.34
nbdkit-release-notes-1.36 release notes for nbdkit 1.36
nbdkit-release-notes-1.38 release notes for nbdkit 1.38
nbdkit-release-notes-1.4 release notes for nbdkit 1.4
nbdkit-release-notes-1.6 release notes for nbdkit 1.6
nbdkit-release-notes-1.8 release notes for nbdkit 1.8

Library Functions

nbdkit-filter how to write nbdkit filters
nbdkit-plugin how to write nbdkit plugins
nbdkit_absolute_path alias for nbdkit_realpath
nbdkit_debug print debugging messages for nbdkit
nbdkit_disconnect alias for nbdkit_shutdown
nbdkit_error return an error from nbdkit plugins
nbdkit_export_name get the NBD export name for nbdkit
nbdkit_is_tls get TLS status of the connection for nbdkit
nbdkit_nanosleep suspend the current thread for nbdkit
nbdkit_parse_bool parse human-readable boolean strings for nbdkit
nbdkit_parse_delay parse human-readable delays and sleeps for nbdkit
nbdkit_parse_int parse numbers for nbdkit
nbdkit_parse_int16_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_int32_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_int64_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_int8_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_probability parse probabilities for nbdkit
nbdkit_parse_size parse human-readable size strings for nbdkit
nbdkit_parse_uint16_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_uint32_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_uint64_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_uint8_t alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_parse_unsigned alias for nbdkit_parse_int
nbdkit_peer_gid alias for nbdkit_peer_name
nbdkit_peer_name get client address and information for nbdkit
nbdkit_peer_pid alias for nbdkit_peer_name
nbdkit_peer_security_context alias for nbdkit_peer_name
nbdkit_peer_tls_dn read the client TLS X.509 Distinguished Name
nbdkit_peer_tls_issuer_dn alias for nbdkit_peer_tls_dn
nbdkit_peer_uid alias for nbdkit_peer_name
nbdkit_printf_intern alias for nbdkit_strdup_intern
nbdkit_read_password read passwords and other secrets for nbdkit
nbdkit_realpath convert relative to absolute paths for nbdkit
nbdkit_set_error alias for nbdkit_error
nbdkit_shutdown request shutdown or client disconnection
nbdkit_stdio_safe is it safe to interact with stdin and stdout
nbdkit_strdup_intern create a string with limited lifetime for nbdkit
nbdkit_strndup_intern alias for nbdkit_strdup_intern
nbdkit_vdebug alias for nbdkit_debug
nbdkit_verror alias for nbdkit_error
nbdkit_vprintf_intern alias for nbdkit_strdup_intern