Package nbdkit-basic-plugins

Basic plugins for nbdkit

This package contains some basic plugins for nbdkit which have only
trivial dependencies.

* nbdkit-data-plugin

  Serve small files directly from the command line.

* nbdkit-file-plugin

  A file serving plugin.

* nbdkit-memory-plugin

  A virtual memory plugin.

* nbdkit-nbd-plugin

  An NBD forwarding plugin.

  It provides an NBD server that forwards all traffic as a client to
  another existing NBD server.  A primary usage of this setup is to
  alter the set of features available to the ultimate end client,
  without having to change the original server (for example, to
  convert between oldstyle and newtyle, or to add TLS support where
  the original server lacks it).

* nbdkit-null-plugin

  A null (bitbucket) plugin.

* nbdkit-pattern-plugin

  Fixed test pattern.

* nbdkit-partitioning-plugin

  Create virtual disks from partitions.

* nbdkit-random-plugin

  Random content plugin for testing.

* nbdkit-sh-plugin

  Write plugins as shell scripts or executables.

* nbdkit-split-plugin

  Concatenate one or more files into a single virtual disk.

* nbdkit-streaming-plugin

  A streaming file serving plugin.

* nbdkit-zero-plugin

  Zero-length plugin for testing.
General Commands
Command Description
nbdkit-data-plugin nbdkit plugin for serving data from the command line
nbdkit-file-plugin nbdkit file plugin
nbdkit-memory-plugin nbdkit virtual memory plugin
nbdkit-nbd-plugin nbdkit nbd plugin
nbdkit-null-plugin nbdkit bitbucket plugin
nbdkit-partitioning-plugin create virtual disk from partitions
nbdkit-pattern-plugin plugin to serve a fixed pattern of data for testing
nbdkit-random-plugin plugin to serve random data
nbdkit-split-plugin nbdkit plugin to concatenate split files into one disk
nbdkit-streaming-plugin nbdkit streaming plugin
nbdkit-zero-plugin nbdkit zero length plugin
Library Functions
Library Function Description
nbdkit-sh-plugin nbdkit shell, script or executable plugin