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Package nbdkit-basic-plugins

Basic plugins for nbdkit


This package contains plugins for nbdkit which only depend on simple
C libraries: glibc, gnutls, libzstd. Other plugins for nbdkit with
more complex dependencies are packaged separately.

nbdkit-data-plugin Serve small amounts of data from the command line.

nbdkit-eval-plugin Write a shell script plugin on the command line.

nbdkit-file-plugin The normal file plugin for serving files.

nbdkit-floppy-plugin Create a virtual floppy disk from a directory.

nbdkit-full-plugin A virtual disk that returns ENOSPC errors.

nbdkit-info-plugin Serve client and server information.

nbdkit-memory-plugin A virtual memory plugin.

nbdkit-ondemand-plugin Create filesystems on demand.

nbdkit-ones-plugin Fill disk with repeated 0xff or other bytes.

nbdkit-pattern-plugin Fixed test pattern.

nbdkit-partitioning-plugin Create virtual disks from partitions.

nbdkit-random-plugin Random content plugin for testing.

nbdkit-sh-plugin Write plugins as shell scripts or executables.

nbdkit-sparse-random-plugin Make sparse random disks.

nbdkit-split-plugin Concatenate one or more files.

nbdkit-zero-plugin Zero-length plugin for testing.

Version: 1.39.9

General Commands

nbdkit-data-plugin nbdkit plugin for serving data from the command line
nbdkit-eval-plugin write a shell script plugin on the command line
nbdkit-file-plugin nbdkit file plugin
nbdkit-floppy-plugin create virtual floppy disk from directory
nbdkit-full-plugin nbdkit plugin which is always full
nbdkit-info-plugin serve client and server information
nbdkit-memory-plugin nbdkit virtual memory (RAM disk) plugin
nbdkit-ondemand-plugin create filesystems on demand
nbdkit-ones-plugin nbdkit plugin filled with repeated 0xff or other bytes
nbdkit-partitioning-plugin create virtual disk from partitions
nbdkit-pattern-plugin plugin to serve a fixed pattern of data for testing
nbdkit-random-plugin plugin to serve random data
nbdkit-sparse-random-plugin make sparse random disks
nbdkit-split-plugin nbdkit plugin to concatenate split files into one disk
nbdkit-zero-plugin nbdkit zero length plugin

Library Functions

nbdkit-sh-plugin nbdkit shell, script or executable plugin