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Package nbdkit-basic-filters

Basic filters for nbdkit


This package contains filters for nbdkit which only depend on simple
C libraries: glibc, gnutls, zlib and zstd. Other filters for nbdkit
with more complex dependencies are packaged separately.

nbdkit-blocksize-filter Adjust block size of requests sent to plugins.

nbdkit-blocksize-policy-filter Set block size constraints and policy.

nbdkit-cache-filter Server-side cache.

nbdkit-cacheextents-filter Cache extents.

nbdkit-checkwrite-filter Check writes match contents of plugin.

nbdkit-cow-filter Copy-on-write overlay for read-only plugins.

nbdkit-ddrescue-filter Filter for serving from ddrescue dump.

nbdkit-delay-filter Inject read and write delays.

nbdkit-error-filter Inject errors.

nbdkit-evil-filter Add random data corruption to reads.

nbdkit-exitlast-filter Exit on last client connection.

nbdkit-exitwhen-filter Exit gracefully when an event occurs.

nbdkit-exportname-filter Adjust export names between client and plugin.

nbdkit-extentlist-filter Place extent list over a plugin.

nbdkit-fua-filter Modify flush behaviour in plugins.

nbdkit-gzip-filter Decompress a .gz file

nbdkit-ip-filter Filter clients by IP address.

nbdkit-limit-filter Limit nr clients that can connect concurrently.

nbdkit-log-filter Log all transactions to a file.

nbdkit-luks-filter Read and write LUKS-encrypted disks.

nbdkit-multi-conn-filter Enable, emulate or disable multi-conn.

nbdkit-nocache-filter Disable cache requests in the underlying plugin.

nbdkit-noextents-filter Disable extents in the underlying plugin.

nbdkit-nofilter-filter Passthrough filter.

nbdkit-noparallel-filter Serialize requests to the underlying plugin.

nbdkit-nozero-filter Adjust handling of zero requests by plugins.

nbdkit-offset-filter Serve an offset and range.

nbdkit-partition-filter Serve a single partition.

nbdkit-pause-filter Pause NBD requests.

nbdkit-protect-filter Write-protect parts of a plugin.

nbdkit-qcow2dec-filter Decode qcow2 files.

nbdkit-rate-filter Limit bandwidth by connection or server.

nbdkit-readahead-filter Prefetch data when reading sequentially.

nbdkit-readonly-filter Switch a plugin between read-only and writable.

nbdkit-retry-filter Reopen connection on error.

nbdkit-retry-request-filter Retry single requests on error.

nbdkit-rotational-filter Set if a plugin is rotational or not.

nbdkit-scan-filter Prefetch data ahead of sequential reads.

nbdkit-spinning-filter Add seek delays to simulate a spinning hard disk.

nbdkit-swab-filter Filter for swapping byte order.

nbdkit-tls-fallback-filter TLS protection filter.

nbdkit-truncate-filter Truncate, expand, round up or round down size.

Version: 1.39.10

General Commands

nbdkit-blocksize-filter nbdkit blocksize filter
nbdkit-blocksize-policy-filter set minimum, preferred and maximum block size, and apply error policy
nbdkit-cache-filter nbdkit caching filter
nbdkit-cacheextents-filter cache extents
nbdkit-checkwrite-filter check writes match contents of plugin
nbdkit-cow-filter nbdkit copy-on-write (COW) filter
nbdkit-ddrescue-filter nbdkit filter for serving from ddrescue dump
nbdkit-delay-filter nbdkit delay filter
nbdkit-error-filter inject errors for testing clients
nbdkit-evil-filter add random data corruption to reads
nbdkit-exitlast-filter exit on last client connection
nbdkit-exitwhen-filter exit gracefully when an event occurs
nbdkit-exportname-filter adjust export names between client and plugin
nbdkit-extentlist-filter place extent list over a plugin
nbdkit-fua-filter modify nbdkit flush and Forced Unit Access (FUA)
nbdkit-gzip-filter decompress a .gz file
nbdkit-ip-filter filter clients by IP address, process ID, user ID, group ID and more
nbdkit-limit-filter limit number of clients that can connect concurrently
nbdkit-log-filter nbdkit log filter
nbdkit-luks-filter read and write LUKS-encrypted disks and partitions
nbdkit-multi-conn-filter enable, emulate or disable multi-conn
nbdkit-nocache-filter nbdkit nocache filter
nbdkit-noextents-filter disable extents in the underlying plugin
nbdkit-nofilter-filter nbdkit passthrough filter
nbdkit-noparallel-filter nbdkit noparallel filter
nbdkit-nozero-filter nbdkit nozero filter
nbdkit-offset-filter nbdkit offset filter
nbdkit-partition-filter nbdkit partition filter
nbdkit-pause-filter pause NBD requests
nbdkit-protect-filter write-protect parts of a plugin
nbdkit-qcow2dec-filter decode qcow2 files
nbdkit-rate-filter limit bandwidth by connection or server
nbdkit-readahead-filter prefetch data ahead of sequential reads
nbdkit-readonly-filter switch a plugin between read-only and writable
nbdkit-retry-filter reopen connection on error
nbdkit-retry-request-filter retry single requests on error
nbdkit-rotational-filter set if a plugin is rotational or not
nbdkit-scan-filter scan disk prefetching data ahead of sequential reads
nbdkit-spinning-filter add seek delays to simulate a spinning hard disk
nbdkit-swab-filter nbdkit filter for swapping byte order
nbdkit-tls-fallback-filter nbdkit TLS protection filter
nbdkit-truncate-filter change the size of plugins