Package nbdkit-basic-filters

Basic filters for nbdkit

This package contains some basic filters for nbdkit which have only
trivial dependencies.

nbdkit-blocksize-filter Adjust block size of requests sent to plugins.

nbdkit-cache-filter Server-side cache.

nbdkit-cow-filter Copy-on-write overlay for read-only plugins.

nbdkit-delay-filter Inject read and write delays.

nbdkit-error-filter Inject errors.

nbdkit-fua-filter Modify flush behaviour in plugins.

nbdkit-log-filter Log all transactions to a file.

nbdkit-nozero-filter Adjust handling of zero requests by plugins.

nbdkit-offset-filter Serve an offset and range.

nbdkit-partition-filter Serve a single partition.

nbdkit-truncate-filter Truncate, expand, round up or round down size.

General Commands
Command Description
nbdkit-blocksize-filter nbdkit blocksize filter
nbdkit-cache-filter nbdkit caching filter
nbdkit-cow-filter nbdkit copy-on-write (COW) filter
nbdkit-delay-filter nbdkit delay filter
nbdkit-error-filter inject errors for testing clients
nbdkit-fua-filter nbdkit FUA filter
nbdkit-log-filter nbdkit log filter
nbdkit-nozero-filter nbdkit nozero filter
nbdkit-offset-filter nbdkit offset filter
nbdkit-partition-filter nbdkit partition filter
nbdkit-truncate-filter change the size of plugins