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Package nauty

Graph canonical labeling and automorphism group computation


Nauty and Traces are programs for computing automorphism groups of
graphs and digraphs. (At present, Traces does not accept digraphs.)
They can also produce a canonical label. They are written in a portable
subset of C, and run on a considerable number of different systems.

There is a small suite of programs called gtools included in the
package. For example, geng can generate non-isomorphic graphs very
quickly. There are also generators for bipartite graphs, digraphs, and
multigraphs, and programs for manipulating files of graphs in a compact

Version: 2.8.8

General Commands

dreadnaut command line interface to nauty graph isomorphism library
nauty-NRswitchg complement vertex edges
nauty-addedgeg add an edge in each possible way
nauty-addptg add additional vertices in various ways
nauty-amtog read graphs in matrix format
nauty-ancestorg removes a specified number of final vertices
nauty-assembleg manual page for nauty-assembleg
nauty-biplabg label bipartite graphs so the colour classes are contiguous
nauty-bliss2dre convert files of graphs in Bliss/DIMACS format to stdout in sparse6 format
nauty-catg concatenate files of graphs
nauty-checks6 check a file of graphs and optionally perform corrections
nauty-complg complement graphs
nauty-converseg converse digraphs
nauty-copyg convert format and select subset
nauty-countg count graphs according to a variety of properties
nauty-countneg count graphs by number of edges and/or vertices
nauty-cubhamg find hamiltonian cycles in subcubic graphs
nauty-deledgeg delete an edge in each possible way
nauty-delptg delete vertices
nauty-dimacs2g convert files of graphs in DIMACS format to stdout in sparse6 format
nauty-directg generate small digraphs with given underlying graph
nauty-dretodot read graphs and initial coloring in dreadnaut format and write in dot format
nauty-dretog read graphs in dreadnaut format
nauty-edgetransg select undirected graphs according to group action on vertices, edges and arcs
nauty-genbg generate small bicoloured graphs
nauty-genbgL generate small bicoloured graphs (L1 flavour)
nauty-geng generate small graphs
nauty-gengL generate small graphs (L1 flavour)
nauty-genktreeg generate k-trees
nauty-genposetg generate posets
nauty-genquarticg generate quartic graphs
nauty-genrang generate random graphs
nauty-genspecialg generate special graphs
nauty-gentourng generate small tournaments
nauty-gentreeg generate trees
nauty-hamheuristic try to find hamiltonian cycles in any graphs
nauty-labelg canonically label graphs
nauty-linegraphg compute the linegraphs of a file of graphs
nauty-listg display graphs in a variety of forms
nauty-multig generate small multigraphs with given underlying graph
nauty-nbrhoodg extract neighbourhoods of vertices
nauty-newedgeg create new edges from pairs of non-adjacent edges in each possible way
nauty-pickg select graphs according to a variety of properties
nauty-planarg test graphs for planarity and find embeddings or obstructions
nauty-productg product of two graphs (such as Cartesian product)
nauty-ranlabg randomly relabel graphs
nauty-ransubg extract random graph/digraph from a file of graphs
nauty-shortg remove isomorphs from a file of graphs
nauty-showg display graphs in a variety of forms (stand-alone subset of listg)
nauty-subdivideg compute the subdivision graphs of a file of graphs
nauty-sumlines sum lines matching specified graph formats
nauty-twohamg split quartic graphs into two hamiltonian cycles
nauty-underlyingg take the underlying undirected graphs of a file of graphs
nauty-vcolg colour the vertices of graphs in all distinct ways
nauty-watercluster2 generate small digraphs with given underlying graph (faster alternative to directg)