Package nasm-rdoff

Tools for the RDOFF binary format, sometimes used with NASM

Tools for the operating-system independent RDOFF binary format, which
is sometimes used with the Netwide Assembler (NASM). These tools
include linker, library manager, loader, and information dump.

Version: 2.15.05

See also: nasm.

General Commands

ldrdf link RDOFF objects and libraries produced by rdflib(1)
rdf2bin convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary
rdf2com alias for rdf2bin
rdf2ihx alias for rdf2bin
rdf2ith alias for rdf2bin
rdf2srec alias for rdf2bin
rdfdump dumps an RDOFF object in human-readable form
rdflib manage a library file for use with ldrdf(1)
rdx load and execute an RDOFF object