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Package nas

The Network Audio System (NAS)


In a nutshell, NAS is the audio equivalent of an X display server.  The
Network Audio System (NAS) was developed for playing, recording, and
manipulating audio data over a network.  Like the X Window System, it uses the
client/server model to separate applications from the specific drivers that
control audio input and output devices.

Key features of the Network Audio System include:
    • Device-independent audio over the network
    • Lots of audio file and data formats
    • Can store sounds in server for rapid replay
    • Extensive mixing, separating, and manipulation of audio data
    • Simultaneous use of audio devices by multiple applications
    • Use by a growing number of ISVs
    • Small size
    • Free!  No obnoxious licensing terms

Version: 1.9.5

See also: nas-devel.

General Commands

auconvert.1x perform various conversion operations on sound files
auctl.1x control various audio server parameters
audemo.1x Network Audio System record and play demo
audial.1x generate or recognize touch tones for North American telephones
auedit.1x graphically record and edit audio files
auinfo.1x show information about a Network Audio System server
aupanel.1x allows user adjustment of Network Audio System device attributes
auphone.1x a simple telephone client
auplay.1x play a sound file to a Network Audio System server
aurecord.1x record a sound file from a Network Audio System server
auscope.1x Network Audio System Protocol Filter
autool.1x audio play/record tool compatible with audiotool
auwave.1x demonstrates the use of waveforms
checkmail.1x plays a sound file when the user receives mail
issndfile.1x checks if a file is in a recognized audio file format
nas.1x a portable, network-transparent audio system
nasd.1x Network Audio System server
playbucket.1x plays the bucket corresponding to the specified file
soundtoh.1x convert a sound file to a C language header file

File Formats

nasd.conf.5x Configuration file for NAS servers.