Package nanomsg-devel

Development files for nanomsg

This package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use nanomsg.

Version: 1.1.5

See also: nanomsg.

Library Functions

nn_allocmsg allocate a message
nn_bind add a local endpoint to the socket
nn_close close an SP socket
nn_cmsg access control information
nn_connect add a remote endpoint to the socket
nn_device start a device
nn_errno retrieve the current errno
nn_freemsg deallocate a message
nn_get_statistic retrieve statistics from nanomsg socket
nn_getsockopt retrieve a socket option
nn_poll poll a set of SP sockets for readability and/or writability
nn_reallocmsg reallocate a message
nn_recv receive a message
nn_recvmsg fine-grained alternative to nn_recv
nn_send send a message
nn_sendmsg fine-grained alternative to nn_send
nn_setsockopt set a socket option
nn_shutdown remove an endpoint from a socket
nn_socket create an SP socket
nn_strerror convert an error number into human-readable string
nn_symbol query the names and values of nanomsg symbols
nn_symbol_info query the names and properties of nanomsg symbols
nn_term notify all sockets about process termination


nanomsg scalability protocols library
nn_bus message bus scalability protocol
nn_env nanomsg environment variables
nn_inproc in-process transport mechanism
nn_ipc inter-process transport mechanism
nn_pair one-to-one scalability protocol
nn_pipeline scalability protocol for passing tasks through a series of processing steps
nn_pubsub publish/subscribe scalability protocol
nn_reqrep request/reply scalability protocol
nn_survey survey scalability protocol
nn_tcp TCP transport mechanism
nn_ws WebSocket transport mechanism