Package mysql-utilities

MySQL Utilities

A package of utilities that are used for maintenance and administration
of MySQL servers. These utilities encapsulate a set of primitive commands,
and bundles them so they can be used to perform macro operations with a
single command.


General Commands
Command Description
mysqlauditadmin Maintain the audit log
mysqlauditgrep Search an audit log
mysqldbcompare Compare Two Databases and Identify Differences
mysqldbcopy Copy Database Objects Between Servers
mysqldbexport Export Object Definitions or Data from a Database
mysqldbimport Import Object Definitions or Data into a Databases
mysqldiff Identify Differences Among Database Objects
mysqldiskusage Show Database Disk Usage
mysqlfailover Automatic replication failover
mysqlindexcheck Identify Potentially Redundant Table Indexes
mysqlmetagrep Search Database Object Definitions
mysqlprocgrep Search Server Process Lists
mysqlreplicate Set Up and Start Replication Between Two Servers
mysqlrpladmin Administration utility for MySQL replication
mysqlrplcheck Check Replication Prerequisitiess
mysqlrplshow Show Slaves for Master Server
mysqlserverclone Clone Existing Server to Create New Server
mysqlserverinfo Display Common Diagnostic Information from a Server
mysqluc Command line client for running MySQL Utilities
mysqluserclone Clone Existing User to Create New User