Package mydns

A Database based DNS server

A nameserver that serves records directly from your database.

File Formats (Section 5)
mydns.conf is read by mydns(8) on startup. The default location of this file is /etc/mydns.conf.
System Administration (Section 8)
mydns is a SQL-based DNS server.
mydnscheck scans the zones named on the command line for syntax. If no zones are specified, all zones are scanned. If the -c (or -C) option is specified...
mydns-conf creates a service directory D that runs mydns(8). The name D must start with a slash and must not contain any special characters. Normally D is...
mydnsexport outputs information about the zone(s) specified on the command line to the standard output, in the format specified. By default, it outputs BIND...
mydnsimport imports zone data into MyDNS from an external source. If an import technique is specified (for example, via the --axfr option), the specified zone...