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Package munge

Enables uid & gid authentication across a host cluster


MUNGE (MUNGE Uid 'N' Gid Emporium) is an authentication service for creating
and validating credentials. It is designed to be highly scalable for use
in an HPC cluster environment.
It allows a process to authenticate the UID and GID of another local or
remote process within a group of hosts having common users and groups.
These hosts form a security realm that is defined by a shared cryptographic
key. Clients within this security realm can create and validate credentials
without the use of root privileges, reserved ports, or platform-specific

Version: 0.5.16

See also: munge-devel.

General Commands

munge MUNGE credential encoder
remunge MUNGE credential benchmark
unmunge MUNGE credential decoder


munge MUNGE overview

System Administration

munged MUNGE daemon
mungekey MUNGE key management utility