Package mstflint

Mellanox firmware burning tool

This package contains firmware update tool, vpd dump and register dump tools
for network adapters based on Mellanox Technologies chips.

Version: 4.21.0

General Commands

mstarchive generate MFA2 archives
mstconfig set or query non-volatile configurable options for Mellanox HCAs
mstcongestion utility for configuring Mellanox device's receive congestion handling
mstflint Flash Interface
mstfwmanager Mellanox Firmware Manager
mstfwreset Query and perform reset operation on the device
mstfwtrace Extracts and prints trace messages generated by the firmware of 5th generation devices
mstlink check and debug link status and issues related to them
mstmcra Mellanox Configuration Registers Access tool
mstmread Mellanox Read Configuration Register Tool
mstmtserver mstflint mst mt server
mstmwrite Mellanox Write Configuration Register Tool
mstprivhost privilege modification tool
mstreg Expose supported access registers
mstregdump Mellanox mstdump utility, dumps device internal configuration data
mstresourcedump dump resource information
mstvpd Mellanox VPD read tool