Package mrpt-apps

Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit - Console and GUI applications

The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) is an extensive, cross-platform,
and open source C++ library aimed to help robotics researchers to design and
implement algorithms in the fields of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
(SLAM), computer vision, and motion planning (obstacle avoidance).

This package provides a set of console and GUI applications for manipulating
datasets, particle filtering localization and SLAM, grabbing data from
robotic sensors, etc.

Version: 1.4.0

General Commands

DifOdometry-Camera DIFODO (visual odometry method) live application
DifOdometry-Datasets DIFODO (visual odometry method) from datasets
ReactiveNav3D-Demo GUI demo of robot reactive navigation in 3D
carmen2rawlog Convert robotic datasets between CARMEN and Rawlog formats
carmen2simplemap Convert robotic datasets between CARMEN and simplemap formats
features-matching Demonstration of image feature matching
gps2rawlog Command-line tool to import raw GPS/GNSS logs to RawLog
graph-slam Command-line Graph-SLAM hub application
grid-matching Executes occupancy grid matching techniques
hmt-slam-gui Robotic Hybrid Metric Topological (HMT) mappping GUI
holonomic-navigator-demo GUI application for robot reactive navigation
icp-slam SLAM method using scan matching
icp-slam-live ICP-based SLAM using scan matching with a LIDAR in real-time
image2gridmap Convert any image into an MRPT .gridmap file
kf-slam SLAM method using Kalman filtering
kinect-3d-slam Demo for Kinect sensor and 3D SLAM
kinect-3d-view Demo for the Microsoft Kinect sensor
map-partition Spectral bisection of observation graphs
mrpt-perfdata2html Build HTML reports of performance tests
mrpt-performance Complete performance test for MRPT
observations2map Transforms a set of pairs <pose,observation> into metric maps.
pf-localization MonteCarlo mobile robot localization
prrt-navigator-demo Mobile robot navigation simulator
rawlog-edit Command-line robotic datasets (rawlogs) manipulation tool
rawlog-grabber Collects data from robotic sensors
rbpf-slam Robot map building with Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters
ro-localization Monte-Carlo localization for beacon range-only measurements
simul-beacons Robot dataset simulator
simul-gridmap Robot dataset simulator from a gridmap and a predefined robot path
simul-landmarks Robot dataset simulator
track-video-features Demonstration of image feature detection and tracking
velodyne-view Demo for grabbing and visualizing data from a Velodyne sensor