Package mono-web

ASP.NET, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono

This package provides the ASP.NET libraries and runtime for
development of web application, web services and remoting support.

General Commands (Section 1)
disco is a tool for discovering web services and for retireving the documents that describe those services. url is the location of a DISCO document, which...
This tool is used to manage the certificates used by the HttpListener embeddable server class when the HttpListener is configured as an HTTPS server instead of...
mconfig can be used to edit .NET configuration files, by adding "features" (that is sets of xml statements) defined in one of the config files read by mconfig...
soapsuds is a tool for generating WSDL documents and client proxies for remoting services. A WSDL document describes the methods that a service provides...
wsdl is a tool for generating proxy classes that can be used to access to web services. The tool reads a WSDL document from the provided path or url, and...
xsd is a tool for intended to complement the XML serialization support of Mono.