Package mono-tools

A collection of tools for mono applications

Monotools are a number of tools for mono such as allowing monodoc to be run
independantly of monodevelop

General Commands (Section 1)
create-native-map is a program for a specific scenario: keeping code which is tightly coupled between C and C# in sync with each other, based upon the C# types...
gd2i is small tool to help you create, or update, an ignore-list baseline from an XML list of defects (generated by Gendarme).
mperfmon is a tool that allows you to monitor performance counters exposed by Mono processes or by the operating system. With the --report option it can be used...
mprof-decoder Console decoder for the logging profiler output files Decodes the contents of a logging profiler output file and prints the data on standard...
mprof-heap-viewer GUI viewer for the logging profiler heap snapshots WARNING: this application is unfinished and experimental. Nevertheless it should work, and...