Package mono-devel

Development tools for Mono

This package completes the Mono developer toolchain with the mono profiler,
assembler and other various tools.

Version: 6.12.0

General Commands

al Mono Assembly Linker
aprofutil Mono's AOT profile tool
cccheck Perform static code contracts verification for CLR assemblies.
cert2spc Transform multiple X.509 certificates to a Software Publisher Certificate
crlupdate Mono Certficate Revocation List Downloader and Updater
dtd2xsd XML Schema generator from XML document that contains DTD.
genxs Mono's Xml Serializer Generator
ilasm Mono IL assembler
illinkanalyzer Mono's linker analyzer tool
macpack Macintosh OS X Packager for managed gui assemblies
makecert Create X.509 certificates for test purposes
mkbundle Creates a bundled executable.
mono-api-info Expose IL structure of CLR assemblies as XML.
mono-cil-strip Mono CIL strip
mono-profilers Mono's bundled profiler modules
mono-shlib-cop Shared Library Usage Checker
mono-symbolicate Mono Symbolicate Tool
mono-xmltool Mono XML validation and transformation tool.
monodis CIL image content dumper and disassembler.
monolinker Mono CIL Linker
monop Mono Class Outline Viewer
permview Viewer for declarative security permission sets inside assemblies.
resgen Mono/CLI Resource Generator
secutil Extract X.509 certificates and strongnames from assemblies.
sgen Mono XML Serializer GENerator
signcode Digitally sign an PE executable using an X.509 certificate.
xbuild Mono's tool to build MSBuild project files