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Package mono-core

The Mono CIL runtime, suitable for running .NET code


This package contains the core of the Mono runtime including its
Virtual Machine, Just-in-time compiler, C# compiler, security
tools and libraries (corlib, XML, System.Security, ZipLib,
I18N, Cairo and Mono.*).

Version: 6.12.0

General Commands

ccrewrite Rewrite CLR assemblies for runtime code contract verification.
cert-sync Mono Certificate Store Sync Tool
certmgr Mono Certificate Manager (CLI version)
chktrust Check the trust of a PE executable.
csharp Interactive C# Shell and Scripting
gacutil Global Assembly Cache management utility.
lc Mono License Compiler
mcs Turbo C# Compiler
mono Mono's ECMA-CLI native code generator (Just-in-Time and Ahead-of-Time)
mozroots Download and import trusted root certificates from Mozilla's LXR into Mono's certificate store
mprof-report report generator for Mono's log profiler
pdb2mdb Program Database to Mono Debugging Symbol converter.
setreg Change settings for public key cryptography
sn Digitally sign/verify/compare strongnames on CLR assemblies.

File Formats

mono-config Mono runtime file format configuration