Package mon

General-purpose resource monitoring system

Mon is a general-purpose resource monitoring system. It can be used
to monitor network service availability, server problems,
environmental conditions (i.e., the temperature in a room) or other
things. Mon can be used to test the condition and/or to trigger an
action upon failure of the condition. Mon keeps the testing and
action-taking tasks as separate, stand-alone programs.

Mon is very extensible. Monitors and alerts are not a part of mon, but
the distribution comes with a handful of them to get you started. This
means that if a new service needs monitoring, or if a new alert is
required, the mon server will not need to be changed.

General Commands (Section 1)
moncmd sends commands to the mon server.
monshow show the operational status of the mon server. Both command-line and CGI interfaces are available.
System Administration (Section 8)
mon is a general-purpose scheduler for monitoring service availability and triggering alerts upon detecting failures. mon was designed to be open in the sense...