Package modulemd-tools

Collection of tools for modular (in terms of Fedora Modularity origin) content creators

Tools provided by this package:

repo2module - Takes a YUM repository on its input and creates modules.yaml
    containing YAML module definitions generated for each package.

dir2module - Generates a module YAML definition based on essential module
    information provided via command-line parameters. The packages provided by
    the module are found in a specified directory or a text file containing
    their list.

createrepo_mod - A small wrapper around createrepo_c and modifyrepo_c to provide
    an easy tool for generating module repositories.

modulemd-add-platform - Add a new context configuration for a new platform
    into a modulemd-packager file.

modulemd-merge - Merge several modules.yaml files into one. This is useful for
    example if you have several yum repositories and want to merge them into one.

modulemd-generate-macros - Generate module-build-macros SRPM package, which is
    a central piece for building modules. It should be present in the buildroot
    before any other module packages are submitted to be built.

bld2repo - Simple tool for dowloading build required RPMs of a modular build from koji.

Version: 0.16

General Commands

bld2repo bld2repo
createrepo_mod createrepo_mod
dir2module dir2module
modulemd-add-platform add a context for a new platform to modulemd-packager document
modulemd-generate-macros modulemd-generate-macros
modulemd-merge modulemd-merge
repo2module repo2module