mod_qos utilities

Package “mod_qos utilities” has 11 man pages.

qsexec reads log lines from stdin and searches for the defined pattern. It executes the defined command string on pattern match.
mod_qos implements a request filter which validates each request line. The module supports both, negative and positive security model. The QS_Deny* directives...
Use this utility to resolve the country codes of IP addresses within existing log files. The utility reads the log file data from stdin and writes them, with...
qsgrep is a simple tool to search patterns within files. It uses regular expressions to find patterns and prints the submatches within a pre-defined format...
qshead reads lines from stdin and prints them to stdout unitl a line contains the specified pattern (literal string).
qslog is a real time access log analyzer. It collects the data from stdin. The output is written to the specified file every minute and includes the following...
Use this utility to forward log messages to the systems syslog facility, e.g., to forward the messages to a remote host. It reads data from stdin.
qspng is a tool to generate png (portable network graphics) raster images files from semicolon separated data generated by the qslog utility. It reads up to the...
qsrotate reads from stdin (piped log) and writes the data to the provided file rotating the file after the specified time.
qssign is a log data integrity check tool. It reads log data from stdin (pipe) and writes the data to stdout adding a sequence number and signatur to ever log...
qstail shows the end of a log file beginning with the line containing the specified pattern. This may be used to show all lines which has been written after a...