Package mod_qos

Quality of service module for Apache

The mod_qos module may be used to determine which requests should be served and
which shouldn't in order to avoid resource over-subscription. The module
collects different attributes such as the request URL, HTTP request and response
headers, the IP source address, the HTTP response code, history data (based on
user session and source IP address), the number of concurrent requests to the
server (total or requests having similar attributes), the number of concurrent
TCP connections (total or from a single source IP), and so forth.

Counteractive measures to enforce the defined rules are: request blocking,
dynamic timeout adjustment, request delay, response throttling, and dropping of
TCP connections.

General Commands
Command Description
mod_qos quality of service module for the Apache Web server
qsexec parses the data received via stdin and executes the defined command on a pattern...
qsfilter2 an utility to generate mod_qos request line rules out from existing access/audit...
qsgeo an utility to lookup a client's country code.
qsgrep prints matching patterns within a file.
qshead an utility reading from stdin and printing all lines to stdout until reaching...
qslog collects request statistics from access log data.
qslogger another shell command interface to the system log module (syslog).
qspng an utility to draw a png graph from qslog(1) output data.
qsrotate a log rotation tool (similar to Apache's rotatelogs).
qssign an utility to sign and verify the integrity of log data.
qstail an utility printing the end of a log file starting at the specified pattern.