Package mlton

Optimizing compiler for Standard ML

MLton is a whole-program optimizing compiler for Standard ML. MLton
generates standalone executables with excellent runtime performance,
is SML 97 compliant, and has a complete basis library. MLton has
source-level profiling, a fast C FFI, an interface to the GNU
multiprecision library, and lots of useful libraries.

General Commands (Section 1)
mllex takes as input a lexer specification foo.lex and produces as output in foo.lex.sml a lexer written in SML. For details on the lexer specification, see A...
mlnlffigen takes as input a C source file and produces as output in NLFFI-Generated the glue-code for Standard ML and in NLFFI-Generated\ a...
mlprof extracts information from an executable compiled by MLton with -profile alloc or -profile time and the resulting mlmon.out file produced by running the...
MLton is run from the command line with a collection of options followed by a file name and a list of files with which to compile, assemble, and link with. The...
mlyacc takes as input a parser specification foo.grm and produces as output in foo.grm.sig and foo.grm.sml a parser written in SML. For details on the parser...