Package mlpack-bin

Command-line executables for mlpack (machine learning library)

mlpack is a C++ machine learning library with emphasis on scalability, speed,
and ease-of-use. Its aim is to make machine learning possible for novice users
by means of a simple, consistent API, while simultaneously exploiting C++
language features to provide maximum performance and maximum flexibility for
expert users. mlpack outperforms competing machine learning libraries by large
margins. This package provides the command-line executables which run mlpack
methods and related documentation.

General Commands
Command Description
mlpack_adaboost adaboost
mlpack_allkfn all k-furthest-neighbors
mlpack_allknn k-nearest-neighbors
mlpack_allkrann k-rank-approximate-nearest-neighbors (krann)
mlpack_approx_kfn approximate furthest neighbor search
mlpack_cf collaborating filtering
mlpack_dbscan dbscan clustering
mlpack_decision_stump decision stump
mlpack_decision_tree decision tree
mlpack_det density estimation with density estimation trees
mlpack_emst fast euclidean minimum spanning tree
mlpack_fastmks fastmks (fast max-kernel search)
mlpack_gmm_generate gmm sample generator
mlpack_gmm_probability gmm probability calculator
mlpack_gmm_train gaussian mixture model (gmm) training
mlpack_hmm_generate hidden markov model (hmm) sequence generator
mlpack_hmm_loglik hidden markov model (hmm) sequence log-likelihood
mlpack_hmm_train hidden markov model (hmm) training
mlpack_hmm_viterbi hidden markov model (hmm) viterbi state prediction
mlpack_hoeffding_tree hoeffding trees
mlpack_kernel_pca kernel principal components analysis
mlpack_kfn all k-furthest-neighbors
mlpack_kmeans k-means clustering
mlpack_knn k-nearest-neighbors
mlpack_krann k-rank-approximate-nearest-neighbors (krann)
mlpack_lars lars
mlpack_linear_regression simple linear regression and prediction
mlpack_local_coordinate_coding local coordinate coding
mlpack_logistic_regression l2-regularized logistic regression and prediction
mlpack_lsh all k-approximate-nearest-neighbor search with lsh
mlpack_mean_shift mean shift clustering
mlpack_nbc parametric naive bayes classifier
mlpack_nca neighborhood components analysis (nca)
mlpack_nmf non-negative matrix factorization
mlpack_pca principal components analysis
mlpack_perceptron perceptron
mlpack_preprocess_binarize binarize data
mlpack_preprocess_describe descriptive statistics
mlpack_preprocess_imputer impute data
mlpack_preprocess_split split data
mlpack_radical radical
mlpack_range_search range search
mlpack_softmax_regression softmax regression
mlpack_sparse_coding sparse coding