Package mlmmj

A simple and slim mailing list manager inspired by ezmlm

Mlmmj(Mailing List Management Made Joyful) is a simple and slim mailing list
manager (MLM) inspired by ezmlm. It works with many different Mail Transport
Agents (MTAs) and is simple for a system adminstrator to install, configure
and integrate with other software. As it uses very few resources, and requires
no daemons, it is ideal for installation on systems where resources are
limited, such as Virtual Private Servers (VPSes).

Although it doesn't aim to include every feature possible, but focuses on
staying mean and lean, and doing what it does do well, it does have a great
set of features, including:

- Archive
- Custom headers / footer
- Fully automated bounce handling (similar to ezmlm)
- Complete requeueing functionality
- Moderation functionality
- Subject prefix
- Subscribers only posting
- Regular expression access control
- Functionality to retrieve old posts
- Web interface
- Digests
- No-mail subscription
- VERP support
- Delivery Status Notification (RFC1891) support
- Rich, customisable texts for automated operations
General Commands (Section 1)
mlmmj-bounce is used to handle mails that are bouncing. When a mail arrives to the system, mlmmj-bounce will register in <listdir>/bounce/<addrstring> info...
mlmmj-list -L /path/to/listdir [-c] [-d] [-h] [-m] [-n] [-o] [-s] [-V] -c: Count the emailaddresses -d: Print for digesters list -L: Full path to list directory...
This is the program doing the maintenance for an mlmmj based mailing list. It will unsubscribe people who have bounced for long enough, send out bounce probes...
This is an interactive script which creates the mailing list directory and thus the list itself for being run by mlmmj.
This is the binary which processes a mail.
The mlmmj-receive binary is the one specified in the mailserver configuration file (aliases file), which writes the mail to the <listdir>/incoming directory and...
This binary is used to send all kinds of mail to mlmmj managed mailinglists, but can potentially be used standalone for sending mails. The only option that is...
This utility is used to subscribe people to the specified mailinglist. It will write the email address in a file with the name of the beginning letter of the...
This utility is used to unsubscribe people from the specified mailinglist. It will remove the specified email address from every file in the...