Package mkrdns

Automatic reverse DNS zone generator

mkrdns automates the tedious procedure of editing both forward and reverse
zones when making changes to your zones with likely no changes to your current
configuration file.

mkrdns does this by reading through all of the primary/secondary (master/slave)
zones in your configuration file (either named.boot or named.conf). It will
then automatically generate the reverse zone entries (IN PTR) for the networks
for which you are the primary/master. It is now possible to simply edit the
forward map, run mkrdns, and reload the zone. Clean, simple, and best of all,

mkrdns also acts as a limited lint-like program, issuing warnings and errors if
there are problems with your configuration or zone files.

Version: 3.3

General Commands

mkrdns MaKe Reverse DNS (auto generate PTR maps)