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Package mk-configure

A build system on top of bmake


The mk-configure tool is a build system, written in and for bmake
(portable version of NetBSD make) and UNIX tools (shell, awk etc.).

Version: 0.38.3

General Commands

mkc_check_compiler checks for C and C++ compiler type.
mkc_check_custom run user's custom checks.
mkc_check_decl checks for define, variable, function, type, member or function prototype.
mkc_check_funclib detects presense of function in a library.
mkc_check_header detects presense of header file.
mkc_check_prog detects presense of header file.
mkc_check_sizeof detects a sizeof(type).
mkc_check_version compare two versions
mkc_compiler_settings generates initial settings for C/C++ compiler
mkc_install install binaries
mkc_which locate a program file in the users $PATH environment variable
mkcmake wrapper for bmake using mk-configure's Mk files and sys.mk


mk-configure lightweight replacement for GNU autotools