Package memkind-devel

Memkind User Extensible Heap Manager development lib and tools

Install header files and development aids to link memkind library
into applications. The memkind library is an user extensible heap manager
built on top of jemalloc which enables control of memory characteristics and
heap partitioning on different kinds of memory. This software is being made
available for early evaluation. The memkind library should be considered
pre-alpha: bugs may exist and the interfaces may be subject to change prior to
alpha release. Feedback on design or implementation is greatly appreciated.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
hbwallocator The C++ allocator compatible with the C++ standard library allocator concepts
hbwmalloc The high bandwidth memory interface
memkind Heap manager that enables allocations to memory with different properties.
memkind_arena jemalloc arena allocation memkind operations.
memkind_default default implementations for memkind operations.
memkind_hbw high bandwidth memory memkind operations.
memkind_hugetlb hugetlb memory memkind operations.
memkind_pmem file-backed memory memkind operations.