Package meataxe

Matrix representations over finite fields

The MeatAxe is a set of programs for working with matrix representations
over finite fields. Permutation representations are supported to some
extent, too.

General Commands
Command Description
cfcomp compare irreducible constituents of a module
checksum compute the CRC of a file
chop find irreducible constituents of a matrix
decomp decompose a module
genmod make submodule
mkcycl find cyclic subspaces of a condensed module
mkdotl find dotted lines between submodules
mkgraph draw the submodule lattice
mkhom calculate homomorphisms between modules
mkhom_old calculate homomorphisms between modules
mkinc compute mountains and incidence matrix of a module
mksub find submodules
mktree enumerate elements of a finitely generated matrix group
orbrep find a permutation which maps A to B
precond precondensation of tensor products
pseudochop chop with known peak words
pwkond peak word condensation
rad calculate the radical series of a module
soc Socle series
symnew symmetrized tensor product
tcond tensor product condensation
tuc tensor uncondense
zad add or subtract matrices
zbl make lower triangular matrix keeping bottom left
zcf change field
zcl clean matrix
zcp characteristic and minimal polynomial of a matrix
zct cut matrices or permutations
zcv convert text representation of a matrix to binary format
zev compute matrix eigenvalues
zfr apply Frobenius automorphism to a matrix
ziv invert matrix or permutation
zkd condense a permutation
zmo make orbits under a set of permutations
zmu multiply matrices or permutations
zmw make word from a set of matrices
znu compute a matrix null-space
zor calculate the order of a matrix or permutation
zpo power of a matrix or permutation
zpr print permutations or matrices
zpt paste matrices or permutations
zqt clean and quotient on a matrix
zro random orders of a group
zsc spin up with script on a matrix
zsi sum and intersection of spaces
zsp spin up, split, and standard basis on matrices or permutations
zsy symmetrized tensor product of a matrix or permutation
ztc calculate matrix or permutation trace
zte tensor product of two matrices or permutations
ztr transpose matrices
zts tensor spin of modules
zuk uncondense vectors
zvp vector permute on matrices