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Package mariadb-test

The test suite distributed with MariaDB


MariaDB is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server.
MariaDB is a community developed fork from MySQL.
This package contains the regression test suite distributed with the MariaDB

Version: 10.11.8

See also: mariadb, mariadb-backup, mariadb-connector-c-doc, mariadb-rocksdb-engine, mariadb-s3-engine, mariadb-server, mariadb-server-galera, mariadb-server-utils.

General Commands

mariadb-client-test alias for mysql_client_test
mariadb-client-test-embedded alias for mysql_client_test
mariadb-test alias for mysqltest
mariadb-test-embedded alias for mysqltest
my_safe_process Utility program that encapsulates process creation, monitoring and bulletproof process cleanup
mysql-stress-test.pl server stress test program
mysql-test-run.pl run MariaDB test suite
mysql_client_test The mysql_client_test program is used for testing aspects of the MariaDB client API that cannot be tested using mysqltest and its test language.
mysql_client_test_embedded alias for mysql_client_test
mysqltest The mysqltest program runs a test case against a MariaDB server and optionally compares the output with a result file.
mysqltest_embedded alias for mysqltest