Package mariadb-server-utils

Non-essential server utilities for MariaDB/MySQL applications

This package contains all non-essential server utilities and scripts for
managing databases. It also contains all utilities requiring Perl and it is
the only MariaDB sub-package, except test subpackage, that depends on Perl.

See also: mariadb, mariadb-backup, mariadb-rocksdb-engine, mariadb-server, mariadb-test, mariadb-tokudb-engine.

General Commands
Command Description
mysql_convert_table_format convert tables to use a given storage engine
mysql_fix_extensions normalize table file name extensions
mysql_setpermission interactively set permissions in grant tables
mysql_upgrade check tables for MariaDB upgrade
mysqld_multi manage multiple MariaDB servers
mysqldumpslow Summarize slow query log files
mysqlhotcopy a database backup program
perror explain error codes