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Package mariadb-server-galera

The configuration files and scripts for galera replication


MariaDB is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. It is a
client/server implementation consisting of a server daemon (mariadbd)
and many different client programs and libraries. This package contains
added files to allow MariaDB server to operate as a Galera cluster
member. MariaDB is a community developed fork originally from MySQL.

Version: 10.11.8

See also: mariadb, mariadb-backup, mariadb-connector-c-doc, mariadb-rocksdb-engine, mariadb-s3-engine, mariadb-server, mariadb-server-utils, mariadb-test.

General Commands

galera_new_cluster starting a new Galera cluster
galera_recovery recover from non-graceful shutdown