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Package man-pages

Linux kernel and C library user-space interface documentation


A large collection of manual pages from the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).

Version: 6.9.1

See also: man-pages-posix.

General Commands

getent get entries from Name Service Switch libraries
iconv convert text from one character encoding to another
intro introduction to user commands
ldd print shared object dependencies
locale get locale-specific information
localedef compile locale definition files
memusage profile memory usage of a program
memusagestat generate graphic from memory profiling data
mtrace interpret the malloc trace log
pldd display dynamic shared objects linked into a process
sprof read and display shared object profiling data
time time a simple command or give resource usage

System Calls

_Exit alias for _exit
__clone2 alias for clone
_exit terminate the calling process
_llseek alias for llseek
_newselect alias for select
_syscall invoking a system call without library support (OBSOLETE)
_sysctl alias for sysctl
accept accept a connection on a socket
accept4 alias for accept
access check user's permissions for a file
acct switch process accounting on or off
add_key add a key to the kernel's key management facility
adjtimex tune kernel clock
afs_syscall alias for unimplemented
alarm set an alarm clock for delivery of a signal
alloc_hugepages allocate or free huge pages
arch_prctl set architecture-specific thread state
arm_fadvise alias for posix_fadvise
arm_fadvise64_64 alias for posix_fadvise
arm_sync_file_range alias for sync_file_range
bdflush start, flush, or tune buffer-dirty-flush daemon
bind bind a name to a socket
bpf perform a command on an extended BPF map or program
break alias for unimplemented
brk change data segment size
cacheflush flush contents of instruction and/or data cache
capget set/get capabilities of thread(s)
capset alias for capget
chdir change working directory
chmod change permissions of a file
chown change ownership of a file
chown32 alias for chown
chroot change root directory
clock_adjtime alias for adjtimex
clock_getres clock and time functions
clock_gettime alias for clock_getres
clock_nanosleep high-resolution sleep with specifiable clock
clock_settime alias for clock_getres
clone create a child process
clone2 alias for clone
clone3 alias for clone
close close a file descriptor
close_range close all file descriptors in a given range
connect initiate a connection on a socket
copy_file_range Copy a range of data from one file to another
creat alias for open
create_module create a loadable module entry
delete_module unload a kernel module
dup duplicate a file descriptor
dup2 alias for dup
dup3 alias for dup
epoll_create open an epoll file descriptor
epoll_create1 alias for epoll_create
epoll_ctl control interface for an epoll file descriptor
epoll_pwait alias for epoll_wait
epoll_pwait2 alias for epoll_wait
epoll_wait wait for an I/O event on an epoll file descriptor
eventfd create a file descriptor for event notification
eventfd2 alias for eventfd
execve execute program
execveat execute program relative to a directory file descriptor
exit alias for _exit
exit_group exit all threads in a process
faccessat alias for access
faccessat2 alias for access
fadvise64 alias for posix_fadvise
fadvise64_64 alias for posix_fadvise
fallocate manipulate file space
fanotify_init create and initialize fanotify group
fanotify_mark add, remove, or modify an fanotify mark on a filesystem object
fattach alias for unimplemented
fchdir alias for chdir
fchmod alias for chmod
fchmodat alias for chmod
fchown alias for chown
fchown32 alias for chown
fchownat alias for chown
fcntl manipulate file descriptor
fcntl64 alias for fcntl
fdatasync alias for fsync
fdetach alias for unimplemented
fgetxattr alias for getxattr
finit_module alias for init_module
flistxattr alias for listxattr
flock apply or remove an advisory lock on an open file
fork create a child process
free_hugepages alias for alloc_hugepages
fremovexattr alias for removexattr
fsetxattr alias for setxattr
fstat alias for stat
fstat64 alias for stat
fstatat alias for stat
fstatat64 alias for stat
fstatfs alias for statfs
fstatfs64 alias for statfs
fsync synchronize a file's in-core state with storage device
ftruncate alias for truncate
ftruncate64 alias for truncate
futex fast user-space locking
futimesat change timestamps of a file relative to a directory file descriptor
get_kernel_syms retrieve exported kernel and module symbols
get_mempolicy retrieve NUMA memory policy for a thread
get_robust_list get/set list of robust futexes
get_thread_area alias for set_thread_area
getcpu determine CPU and NUMA node on which the calling thread is running
getcwd alias for getcwd(3)
getdents get directory entries
getdents64 alias for getdents
getdomainname get/set NIS domain name
getegid alias for getgid
getegid32 alias for getgid
geteuid alias for getuid
geteuid32 alias for getuid
getgid get group identity
getgid32 alias for getgid
getgroups get/set list of supplementary group IDs
getgroups32 alias for getgroups
gethostname get/set hostname
getitimer get or set value of an interval timer
getmsg alias for unimplemented
getpagesize get memory page size
getpeername get name of connected peer socket
getpgid alias for setpgid
getpgrp alias for setpgid
getpid get process identification
getpmsg alias for unimplemented
getppid alias for getpid
getpriority get/set program scheduling priority
getrandom obtain a series of random bytes
getresgid alias for getresuid
getresgid32 alias for getresuid
getresuid get real, effective, and saved user/group IDs
getresuid32 alias for getresuid
getrlimit get/set resource limits
getrusage get resource usage
getsid get session ID
getsockname get socket name
getsockopt get and set options on sockets
gettid get thread identification
gettimeofday get / set time
getuid get user identity
getuid32 alias for getuid
getunwind copy the unwind data to caller's buffer
getxattr retrieve an extended attribute value
gtty alias for unimplemented
idle make process 0 idle
inb alias for outb
inb_p alias for outb
init_module load a kernel module
inl alias for outb
inl_p alias for outb
inotify_add_watch add a watch to an initialized inotify instance
inotify_init initialize an inotify instance
inotify_init1 alias for inotify_init
inotify_rm_watch remove an existing watch from an inotify instance
insb alias for outb
insl alias for outb
insw alias for outb
intro introduction to system calls
inw alias for outb
inw_p alias for outb
io_cancel cancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O operation
io_destroy destroy an asynchronous I/O context
io_getevents read asynchronous I/O events from the completion queue
io_setup create an asynchronous I/O context
io_submit submit asynchronous I/O blocks for processing
ioctl control device
ioctl_console ioctls for console terminal and virtual consoles
ioctl_eventpoll ioctl() operations for epoll file descriptors
ioctl_fat manipulating the FAT filesystem
ioctl_fs filesystem operations
ioctl_fsmap retrieve the physical layout of the filesystem
ioctl_kd ioctls for console terminal and virtual consoles
ioctl_nsfs ioctl() operations for Linux namespaces
ioctl_pipe ioctl() operations for General notification mechanism
ioctl_tty ioctls for terminals and serial lines
ioctl_userfaultfd create a file descriptor for handling page faults in user space
ioctl_vt ioctls for console terminal and virtual consoles
ioperm set port input/output permissions
iopl change I/O privilege level
ioprio_get alias for ioprio_set
ioprio_set get/set I/O scheduling class and priority
ipc System V IPC system calls
isastream alias for unimplemented
kcmp compare two processes to determine if they share a kernel resource
kexec_file_load alias for kexec_load
kexec_load load a new kernel for later execution
keyctl manipulate the kernel's key management facility
kill send signal to a process
landlock_add_rule add a new Landlock rule to a ruleset
landlock_create_ruleset create a new Landlock ruleset
landlock_restrict_self enforce a Landlock ruleset
lchown alias for chown
lchown32 alias for chown
lgetxattr alias for getxattr
link make a new name for a file
linkat alias for link
listen listen for connections on a socket
listxattr list extended attribute names
llistxattr alias for listxattr
llseek reposition read/write file offset
lock alias for unimplemented
lookup_dcookie return a directory entry's path
lremovexattr alias for removexattr
lseek reposition read/write file offset
lsetxattr alias for setxattr
lstat alias for stat
lstat64 alias for stat
madvise give advice about use of memory
madvise1 alias for unimplemented
mbind set memory policy for a memory range
membarrier issue memory barriers on a set of threads
memfd_create create an anonymous file
memfd_secret create an anonymous RAM-based file to access secret memory regions
migrate_pages move all pages in a process to another set of nodes
mincore determine whether pages are resident in memory
mkdir create a directory
mkdirat alias for mkdir
mknod create a special or ordinary file
mknodat alias for mknod
mlock lock and unlock memory
mlock2 alias for mlock
mlockall alias for mlock
mmap map or unmap files or devices into memory
mmap2 map files or devices into memory
modify_ldt get or set a per-process LDT entry
mount mount filesystem
mount_setattr change properties of a mount or mount tree
move_pages move individual pages of a process to another node
mprotect set protection on a region of memory
mpx alias for unimplemented
mq_getsetattr get/set message queue attributes
mq_notify alias for mq_notify(3)
mq_open alias for mq_open(3)
mq_timedreceive alias for mq_receive(3)
mq_timedsend alias for mq_send(3)
mq_unlink alias for mq_unlink(3)
mremap remap a virtual memory address
msgctl System V message control operations
msgget get a System V message queue identifier
msgop System V message queue operations
msgrcv alias for msgop
msgsnd alias for msgop
msync synchronize a file with a memory map
munlock alias for mlock
munlockall alias for mlock
munmap alias for mmap
name_to_handle_at alias for open_by_handle_at
nanosleep high-resolution sleep
newfstatat alias for stat
nfsservctl syscall interface to kernel nfs daemon
nice change process priority
oldfstat alias for stat
oldlstat alias for stat
oldolduname alias for uname
oldstat alias for stat
olduname alias for uname
open open and possibly create a file
open_by_handle_at obtain handle for a pathname and open file via a handle
openat alias for open
openat2 open and possibly create a file (extended)
outb port I/O
outb_p alias for outb
outl alias for outb
outl_p alias for outb
outsb alias for outb
outsl alias for outb
outsw alias for outb
outw alias for outb
outw_p alias for outb
pause wait for signal
perf_event_open set up performance monitoring
perfmonctl interface to IA-64 performance monitoring unit
personality set the process execution domain
phys alias for unimplemented
pidfd_getfd obtain a duplicate of another process's file descriptor
pidfd_open obtain a file descriptor that refers to a process
pidfd_send_signal send a signal to a process specified by a file descriptor
pipe create pipe
pipe2 alias for pipe
pivot_root change the root mount
pkey_alloc allocate or free a protection key
pkey_free alias for pkey_alloc
pkey_mprotect alias for mprotect
poll wait for some event on a file descriptor
posix_fadvise predeclare an access pattern for file data
ppoll alias for poll
prctl operations on a process or thread
pread read from or write to a file descriptor at a given offset
pread64 alias for pread
preadv alias for readv
preadv2 alias for readv
prlimit alias for getrlimit
prlimit64 alias for getrlimit
process_madvise give advice about use of memory to a process
process_vm_readv transfer data between process address spaces
process_vm_writev alias for process_vm_readv
prof alias for unimplemented
pselect alias for select
pselect6 alias for select
ptrace process trace
putmsg alias for unimplemented
putpmsg alias for unimplemented
pwrite alias for pread
pwrite64 alias for pread
pwritev alias for readv
pwritev2 alias for readv
query_module query the kernel for various bits pertaining to modules
quotactl manipulate disk quotas
read read from a file descriptor
readahead initiate file readahead into page cache
readdir read directory entry
readlink read value of a symbolic link
readlinkat alias for readlink
readv read or write data into multiple buffers
reboot reboot or enable/disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
recv receive a message from a socket
recvfrom alias for recv
recvmmsg receive multiple messages on a socket
recvmsg alias for recv
remap_file_pages create a nonlinear file mapping
removexattr remove an extended attribute
rename change the name or location of a file
renameat alias for rename
renameat2 alias for rename
request_key request a key from the kernel's key management facility
restart_syscall restart a system call after interruption by a stop signal
rmdir delete a directory
rt_sigaction alias for sigaction
rt_sigpending alias for sigpending
rt_sigprocmask alias for sigprocmask
rt_sigqueueinfo queue a signal and data
rt_sigreturn alias for sigreturn
rt_sigsuspend alias for sigsuspend
rt_sigtimedwait alias for sigwaitinfo
rt_tgsigqueueinfo alias for rt_sigqueueinfo
rtas Allows userspace to call RTAS (Run Time Abstraction Services)
s390_guarded_storage operations with z/Architecture guarded storage facility
s390_pci_mmio_read alias for s390_pci_mmio_write
s390_pci_mmio_write transfer data to/from PCI MMIO memory page
s390_runtime_instr enable/disable s390 CPU run-time instrumentation
s390_sthyi emulate STHYI instruction
sbrk alias for brk
sched_get_priority_max get static priority range
sched_get_priority_min alias for sched_get_priority_max
sched_getaffinity alias for sched_setaffinity
sched_getattr alias for sched_setattr
sched_getparam alias for sched_setparam
sched_getscheduler alias for sched_setscheduler
sched_rr_get_interval get the SCHED_RR interval for the named process
sched_setaffinity set and get a thread's CPU affinity mask
sched_setattr set and get scheduling policy and attributes
sched_setparam set and get scheduling parameters
sched_setscheduler set and get scheduling policy/parameters
sched_yield yield the processor
seccomp operate on Secure Computing state of the process
seccomp_unotify Seccomp user-space notification mechanism
security alias for unimplemented
select synchronous I/O multiplexing
select_tut synchronous I/O multiplexing
semctl System V semaphore control operations
semget get a System V semaphore set identifier
semop System V semaphore operations
semtimedop alias for semop
send send a message on a socket
sendfile transfer data between file descriptors
sendfile64 alias for sendfile
sendmmsg send multiple messages on a socket
sendmsg alias for send
sendto alias for send
set_mempolicy set default NUMA memory policy for a thread and its children
set_robust_list alias for get_robust_list
set_thread_area manipulate thread-local storage information
set_tid_address set pointer to thread ID
setdomainname alias for getdomainname
setegid alias for seteuid
seteuid set effective user or group ID
setfsgid set group identity used for filesystem checks
setfsgid32 alias for setfsgid
setfsuid set user identity used for filesystem checks
setfsuid32 alias for setfsuid
setgid set group identity
setgid32 alias for setgid
setgroups alias for getgroups
setgroups32 alias for getgroups
sethostname alias for gethostname
setitimer alias for getitimer
setns reassociate thread with a namespace
setpgid set/get process group
setpgrp alias for setpgid
setpriority alias for getpriority
setregid alias for setreuid
setregid32 alias for setreuid
setresgid alias for setresuid
setresgid32 alias for setresuid
setresuid set real, effective, and saved user or group ID
setresuid32 alias for setresuid
setreuid set real and/or effective user or group ID
setreuid32 alias for setreuid
setrlimit alias for getrlimit
setsid creates a session and sets the process group ID
setsockopt alias for getsockopt
settimeofday alias for gettimeofday
setuid set user identity
setuid32 alias for setuid
setup setup devices and filesystems, mount root filesystem
setxattr set an extended attribute value
sgetmask manipulation of signal mask (obsolete)
shmat alias for shmop
shmctl System V shared memory control
shmdt alias for shmop
shmget allocates a System V shared memory segment
shmop System V shared memory operations
shutdown shut down part of a full-duplex connection
sigaction examine and change a signal action
sigaltstack set and/or get signal stack context
signal ANSI C signal handling
signalfd create a file descriptor for accepting signals
signalfd4 alias for signalfd
sigpending examine pending signals
sigprocmask examine and change blocked signals
sigreturn return from signal handler and cleanup stack frame
sigsuspend wait for a signal
sigtimedwait alias for sigwaitinfo
sigwaitinfo synchronously wait for queued signals
socket create an endpoint for communication
socketcall socket system calls
socketpair create a pair of connected sockets
splice splice data to/from a pipe
spu_create create a new spu context
spu_run execute an SPU context
ssetmask alias for sgetmask
stat get file status
stat64 alias for stat
statfs get filesystem statistics
statfs64 alias for statfs
statx get file status (extended)
stime set time
stty alias for unimplemented
subpage_prot define a subpage protection for an address range
swapcontext Swap out old context with new context
swapoff alias for swapon
swapon start/stop swapping to file/device
symlink make a new name for a file
symlinkat alias for symlink
sync commit filesystem caches to disk
sync_file_range sync a file segment with disk
sync_file_range2 alias for sync_file_range
syncfs alias for sync
syscall indirect system call
syscalls Linux system calls
sysctl read/write system parameters
sysfs get filesystem type information
sysinfo return system information
syslog read and/or clear kernel message ring buffer; set console_loglevel
tee duplicating pipe content
tgkill alias for tkill
time get time in seconds
timer_create create a POSIX per-process timer
timer_delete delete a POSIX per-process timer
timer_getoverrun get overrun count for a POSIX per-process timer
timer_gettime alias for timer_settime
timer_settime arm/disarm and fetch state of POSIX per-process timer
timerfd_create timers that notify via file descriptors
timerfd_gettime alias for timerfd_create
timerfd_settime alias for timerfd_create
times get process times
tkill send a signal to a thread
truncate truncate a file to a specified length
truncate64 alias for truncate
tuxcall alias for unimplemented
ugetrlimit alias for getrlimit
umask set file mode creation mask
umount unmount filesystem
umount2 alias for umount
uname get name and information about current kernel
unimplemented unimplemented system calls
unlink delete a name and possibly the file it refers to
unlinkat alias for unlink
unshare disassociate parts of the process execution context
uselib load shared library
userfaultfd create a file descriptor for handling page faults in user space
ustat get filesystem statistics
utime change file last access and modification times
utimensat change file timestamps with nanosecond precision
utimes alias for utime
vfork create a child process and block parent
vhangup virtually hangup the current terminal
vm86 enter virtual 8086 mode
vm86old alias for vm86
vmsplice splice user pages to/from a pipe
vserver alias for unimplemented
wait wait for process to change state
wait3 alias for wait4
wait4 wait for process to change state, BSD style
waitid alias for wait
waitpid alias for wait
write write to a file descriptor
writev alias for readv

Library Functions

CIRCLEQ_EMPTY alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_ENTRY alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_FIRST alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_FOREACH alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_HEAD alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_INIT alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_INSERT_AFTER alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_INSERT_BEFORE alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_INSERT_HEAD alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_INSERT_TAIL alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_LAST alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_LOOP_NEXT alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_LOOP_PREV alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_NEXT alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_PREV alias for circleq
CIRCLEQ_REMOVE alias for circleq
CMSG_ALIGN alias for cmsg
CMSG_DATA alias for cmsg
CMSG_FIRSTHDR alias for cmsg
CMSG_LEN alias for cmsg
CMSG_NXTHDR alias for cmsg
CMSG_SPACE alias for cmsg
CPU_AND alias for CPU_SET
CPU_AND_S alias for CPU_SET
CPU_CLR alias for CPU_SET
CPU_CLR_S alias for CPU_SET
CPU_FREE alias for CPU_SET
CPU_OR alias for CPU_SET
CPU_OR_S alias for CPU_SET
CPU_SET macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_SET_S alias for CPU_SET
CPU_XOR alias for CPU_SET
CPU_XOR_S alias for CPU_SET
CPU_ZERO alias for CPU_SET
CPU_ZERO_S alias for CPU_SET
DES_FAILED alias for des_crypt
FD_CLR alias for select(2)
FD_ISSET alias for select(2)
FD_SET alias for select(2)
FD_ZERO alias for select(2)
INFINITY floating-point constants
LIST_EMPTY alias for list
LIST_ENTRY alias for list
LIST_FIRST alias for list
LIST_FOREACH alias for list
LIST_HEAD alias for list
LIST_INIT alias for list
LIST_INSERT_AFTER alias for list
LIST_INSERT_BEFORE alias for list
LIST_INSERT_HEAD alias for list
LIST_NEXT alias for list
LIST_REMOVE alias for list
MAX maximum or minimum of two values
MB_CUR_MAX maximum length of a multibyte character in the current locale
MB_LEN_MAX maximum multibyte length of a character across all locales
MIN alias for MAX
NAN alias for INFINITY
SIMPLEQ_EMPTY alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_ENTRY alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_FIRST alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_FOREACH alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_HEAD alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_INIT alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_INSERT_AFTER alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_INSERT_HEAD alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_INSERT_TAIL alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_NEXT alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_REMOVE alias for stailq
SIMPLEQ_REMOVE_HEAD alias for stailq
SLIST_EMPTY alias for slist
SLIST_ENTRY alias for slist
SLIST_FIRST alias for slist
SLIST_FOREACH alias for slist
SLIST_HEAD alias for slist
SLIST_INIT alias for slist
SLIST_INSERT_AFTER alias for slist
SLIST_INSERT_HEAD alias for slist
SLIST_NEXT alias for slist
SLIST_REMOVE alias for slist
SLIST_REMOVE_HEAD alias for slist
STAILQ_CONCAT alias for stailq
STAILQ_EMPTY alias for stailq
STAILQ_ENTRY alias for stailq
STAILQ_FIRST alias for stailq
STAILQ_FOREACH alias for stailq
STAILQ_HEAD alias for stailq
STAILQ_INIT alias for stailq
STAILQ_INSERT_AFTER alias for stailq
STAILQ_INSERT_HEAD alias for stailq
STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL alias for stailq
STAILQ_NEXT alias for stailq
STAILQ_REMOVE alias for stailq
STAILQ_REMOVE_HEAD alias for stailq
S_ISBLK alias for inode(7)
S_ISCHR alias for inode(7)
S_ISDIR alias for inode(7)
S_ISFIFO alias for inode(7)
S_ISLNK alias for inode(7)
S_ISREG alias for inode(7)
S_ISSOCK alias for inode(7)
TAILQ_CONCAT alias for tailq
TAILQ_EMPTY alias for tailq
TAILQ_ENTRY alias for tailq
TAILQ_FIRST alias for tailq
TAILQ_FOREACH alias for tailq
TAILQ_HEAD alias for tailq
TAILQ_INIT alias for tailq
TAILQ_INSERT_AFTER alias for tailq
TAILQ_INSERT_BEFORE alias for tailq
TAILQ_INSERT_HEAD alias for tailq
TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL alias for tailq
TAILQ_LAST alias for tailq
TAILQ_NEXT alias for tailq
TAILQ_PREV alias for tailq
TAILQ_REMOVE alias for tailq
TAILQ_SWAP alias for tailq
TIMEVAL_TO_TIMESPEC convert between time structures
_Generic type-generic selection
_Static_assert alias for static_assert
__after_morecore_hook alias for malloc_hook
__fbufsize alias for stdio_ext
__flbf alias for stdio_ext
__fpending alias for stdio_ext
__fpurge alias for fpurge
__freadable alias for stdio_ext
__freading alias for stdio_ext
__free_hook alias for malloc_hook
__fsetlocking alias for stdio_ext
__fwritable alias for stdio_ext
__fwriting alias for stdio_ext
__malloc_hook alias for malloc_hook
__malloc_initialize_hook alias for malloc_hook
__memalign_hook alias for malloc_hook
__ppc_get_timebase get the current value of the Time Base Register on Power architecture and its frequency.
__ppc_get_timebase_freq alias for __ppc_get_timebase
__ppc_mdoio alias for __ppc_yield
__ppc_mdoom alias for __ppc_yield
__ppc_set_ppr_low alias for __ppc_set_ppr_med
__ppc_set_ppr_med Set the Program Priority Register
__ppc_set_ppr_med_high alias for __ppc_set_ppr_med
__ppc_set_ppr_med_low alias for __ppc_set_ppr_med
__ppc_set_ppr_very_low alias for __ppc_set_ppr_med
__ppc_yield Hint the processor to release shared resources
__realloc_hook alias for malloc_hook
__setfpucw set FPU control word on i386 architecture (obsolete)
_flushlbf alias for stdio_ext
a64l convert between long and base-64
abort cause abnormal process termination
abs compute the absolute value of an integer
acos arc cosine function
acosf alias for acos
acosh inverse hyperbolic cosine function
acoshf alias for acosh
acoshl alias for acosh
acosl alias for acos
addmntent alias for getmntent
addseverity introduce new severity classes
adjtime correct the time to synchronize the system clock
aio_cancel cancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O request
aio_error get error status of asynchronous I/O operation
aio_fsync asynchronous file synchronization
aio_init asynchronous I/O initialization
aio_read asynchronous read
aio_return get return status of asynchronous I/O operation
aio_suspend wait for asynchronous I/O operation or timeout
aio_write asynchronous write
aligned_alloc alias for posix_memalign
alloca allocate memory that is automatically freed
alphasort alias for scandir
arc4random cryptographically-secure pseudorandom number generator
arc4random_buf alias for arc4random
arc4random_uniform alias for arc4random
argz alias for argz_add
argz_add functions to handle an argz list
argz_add_sep alias for argz_add
argz_append alias for argz_add
argz_count alias for argz_add
argz_create alias for argz_add
argz_create_sep alias for argz_add
argz_delete alias for argz_add
argz_extract alias for argz_add
argz_insert alias for argz_add
argz_next alias for argz_add
argz_replace alias for argz_add
argz_stringify alias for argz_add
asctime alias for ctime
asctime_r alias for ctime
asin arc sine function
asinf alias for asin
asinh inverse hyperbolic sine function
asinhf alias for asinh
asinhl alias for asinh
asinl alias for asin
asprintf print to allocated string
assert abort the program if assertion is false
assert_perror test errnum and abort
atan arc tangent function
atan2 arc tangent function of two variables
atan2f alias for atan2
atan2l alias for atan2
atanf alias for atan
atanh inverse hyperbolic tangent function
atanhf alias for atanh
atanhl alias for atanh
atanl alias for atan
atexit register a function to be called at normal process termination
atof convert a string to a double
atoi convert a string to an integer
atol alias for atoi
atoll alias for atoi
atoq alias for atoi
auth_destroy alias for rpc
authnone_create alias for rpc
authunix_create alias for rpc
authunix_create_default alias for rpc
backtrace support for application self-debugging
backtrace_symbols alias for backtrace
backtrace_symbols_fd alias for backtrace
basename parse pathname components
bcmp compare byte sequences
bcopy copy byte sequence
be16toh alias for endian
be32toh alias for endian
be64toh alias for endian
bindresvport bind a socket to a privileged IP port
bsd_signal signal handling with BSD semantics
bsearch binary search of a sorted array
bstring byte string operations
bswap reverse order of bytes
bswap_16 alias for bswap
bswap_32 alias for bswap
bswap_64 alias for bswap
btowc convert single byte to wide character
byteorder convert values between host and network byte order
bzero zero a byte string
cabs absolute value of a complex number
cabsf alias for cabs
cabsl alias for cabs
cacos complex arc cosine
cacosf alias for cacos
cacosh complex arc hyperbolic cosine
cacoshf alias for cacosh
cacoshl alias for cacosh
cacosl alias for cacos
calloc alias for malloc
callrpc alias for rpc
canonicalize_file_name return the canonicalized absolute pathname
carg calculate the complex argument
cargf alias for carg
cargl alias for carg
casin complex arc sine
casinf alias for casin
casinh complex arc sine hyperbolic
casinhf alias for casinh
casinhl alias for casinh
casinl alias for casin
catan complex arc tangents
catanf alias for catan
catanh complex arc tangents hyperbolic
catanhf alias for catanh
catanhl alias for catanh
catanl alias for catan
catclose alias for catopen
catgets get message from a message catalog
catopen open/close a message catalog
cbc_crypt alias for des_crypt
cbrt cube root function
cbrtf alias for cbrt
cbrtl alias for cbrt
ccos complex cosine function
ccosf alias for ccos
ccosh complex hyperbolic cosine
ccoshf alias for ccosh
ccoshl alias for ccosh
ccosl alias for ccos
ceil ceiling function: smallest integral value not less than argument
ceilf alias for ceil
ceill alias for ceil
cexp complex exponential function
cexp2 base-2 exponent of a complex number
cexp2f alias for cexp2
cexp2l alias for cexp2
cexpf alias for cexp
cexpl alias for cexp
cfgetispeed alias for termios
cfgetospeed alias for termios
cfmakeraw alias for termios
cfree free allocated memory
cfsetispeed alias for termios
cfsetospeed alias for termios
cfsetspeed alias for termios
cimag get imaginary part of a complex number
cimagf alias for cimag
cimagl alias for cimag
circleq implementation of a doubly linked circular queue
clearenv clear the environment
clearerr alias for ferror
clearerr_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
clnt_broadcast alias for rpc
clnt_call alias for rpc
clnt_control alias for rpc
clnt_create alias for rpc
clnt_destroy alias for rpc
clnt_freeres alias for rpc
clnt_geterr alias for rpc
clnt_pcreateerror alias for rpc
clnt_perrno alias for rpc
clnt_perror alias for rpc
clnt_spcreateerror alias for rpc
clnt_sperrno alias for rpc
clnt_sperror alias for rpc
clntraw_create alias for rpc
clnttcp_create alias for rpc
clntudp_bufcreate alias for rpc
clntudp_create alias for rpc
clock determine processor time
clock_getcpuclockid obtain ID of a process CPU-time clock
clog natural logarithm of a complex number
clog10 base-10 logarithm of a complex number
clog10f alias for clog10
clog10l alias for clog10
clog2 base-2 logarithm of a complex number
clog2f alias for clog2
clog2l alias for clog2
clogf alias for clog
clogl alias for clog
closedir close a directory
closelog alias for syslog
cmsg access ancillary data
confstr get configuration dependent string variables
conj calculate the complex conjugate
conjf alias for conj
conjl alias for conj
copysign copy sign of a number
copysignf alias for copysign
copysignl alias for copysign
cos cosine function
cosf alias for cos
cosh hyperbolic cosine function
coshf alias for cosh
coshl alias for cosh
cosl alias for cos
cpow complex power function
cpowf alias for cpow
cpowl alias for cpow
cproj project into Riemann Sphere
cprojf alias for cproj
cprojl alias for cproj
creal get real part of a complex number
crealf alias for creal
creall alias for creal
csin complex sine function
csinf alias for csin
csinh complex hyperbolic sine
csinhf alias for csinh
csinhl alias for csinh
csinl alias for csin
csqrt complex square root
csqrtf alias for csqrt
csqrtl alias for csqrt
ctan complex tangent function
ctanf alias for ctan
ctanh complex hyperbolic tangent
ctanhf alias for ctanh
ctanhl alias for ctanh
ctanl alias for ctan
ctermid get controlling terminal name
ctime transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII
ctime_r alias for ctime
cuserid alias for getlogin
daemon run in the background
daylight alias for tzset
des_crypt fast DES encryption
des_setparity alias for des_crypt
difftime calculate time difference
dirfd get directory stream file descriptor
dirname alias for basename
div compute quotient and remainder of an integer division
dl_iterate_phdr walk through list of shared objects
dladdr translate address to symbolic information
dladdr1 alias for dladdr
dlclose alias for dlopen
dlerror obtain error diagnostic for functions in the dlopen API
dlinfo obtain information about a dynamically loaded object
dlmopen alias for dlopen
dlopen open and close a shared object
dlsym obtain address of a symbol in a shared object or executable
dlvsym alias for dlsym
dn_comp alias for resolver
dn_expand alias for resolver
dprintf alias for printf
drand48 generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers
drand48_r generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers reentrantly
drem alias for remainder
dremf alias for remainder
dreml alias for remainder
duplocale duplicate a locale object
dysize get number of days for a given year
eaccess alias for euidaccess
ecb_crypt alias for des_crypt
ecvt convert a floating-point number to a string
ecvt_r convert a floating-point number to a string
edata alias for end
encrypt encrypt 64-bit messages
encrypt_r alias for encrypt
end end of program segments
endaliasent alias for setaliasent
endfsent alias for getfsent
endgrent alias for getgrent
endhostent alias for gethostbyname
endian convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
endmntent alias for getmntent
endnetent alias for getnetent
endnetgrent alias for setnetgrent
endprotoent alias for getprotoent
endpwent alias for getpwent
endrpcent alias for getrpcent
endservent alias for getservent
endspent alias for getspnam
endttyent alias for getttyent
endusershell alias for getusershell
endutent alias for getutent
endutxent alias for getutent
envz alias for envz_add
envz_add environment string support
envz_entry alias for envz_add
envz_get alias for envz_add
envz_merge alias for envz_add
envz_remove alias for envz_add
envz_strip alias for envz_add
erand48 alias for drand48
erand48_r alias for drand48_r
erf error function
erfc complementary error function
erfcf alias for erfc
erfcl alias for erfc
erff alias for erf
erfl alias for erf
err formatted error messages
errno number of last error
error glibc error reporting functions
error_at_line alias for error
error_message_count alias for error
error_one_per_line alias for error
error_print_progname alias for error
errx alias for err
etext alias for end
ether_aton Ethernet address manipulation routines
ether_aton_r alias for ether_aton
ether_hostton alias for ether_aton
ether_line alias for ether_aton
ether_ntoa alias for ether_aton
ether_ntoa_r alias for ether_aton
ether_ntohost alias for ether_aton
euidaccess check effective user's permissions for a file
eventfd_read alias for eventfd(2)
eventfd_write alias for eventfd(2)
exec execute a file
execl alias for exec
execle alias for exec
execlp alias for exec
execv alias for exec
execvp alias for exec
execvpe alias for exec
exit cause normal process termination
exp base-e exponential function
exp10 base-10 exponential function
exp10f alias for exp10
exp10l alias for exp10
exp2 base-2 exponential function
exp2f alias for exp2
exp2l alias for exp2
expf alias for exp
expl alias for exp
explicit_bzero alias for bzero
expm1 exponential minus 1
expm1f alias for expm1
expm1l alias for expm1
fabs absolute value of floating-point number
fabsf alias for fabs
fabsl alias for fabs
fclose close a stream
fcloseall close all open streams
fcvt alias for ecvt
fcvt_r alias for ecvt_r
fdim positive difference
fdimf alias for fdim
fdiml alias for fdim
fdopen alias for fopen
fdopendir alias for opendir
feclearexcept alias for fenv
fedisableexcept alias for fenv
feenableexcept alias for fenv
fegetenv alias for fenv
fegetexcept alias for fenv
fegetexceptflag alias for fenv
fegetround alias for fenv
feholdexcept alias for fenv
fenv floating-point rounding and exception handling
feof alias for ferror
feof_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
feraiseexcept alias for fenv
ferror check and reset stream status
ferror_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fesetenv alias for fenv
fesetexceptflag alias for fenv
fesetround alias for fenv
fetestexcept alias for fenv
feupdateenv alias for fenv
fexecve execute program specified via file descriptor
fflush flush a stream
fflush_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
ffs find first bit set in a word
ffsl alias for ffs
ffsll alias for ffs
fgetc input of characters and strings
fgetc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fgetgrent get group file entry
fgetgrent_r alias for getgrent_r
fgetpos alias for fseek
fgetpwent get password file entry
fgetpwent_r alias for getpwent_r
fgets alias for fgetc
fgets_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fgetspent alias for getspnam
fgetspent_r alias for getspnam
fgetwc read a wide character from a FILE stream
fgetwc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fgetws read a wide-character string from a FILE stream
fgetws_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fileno obtain file descriptor of a stdio stream
fileno_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
finite BSD floating-point classification functions
finitef alias for finite
finitel alias for finite
flockfile lock FILE for stdio
floor largest integral value not greater than argument
floorf alias for floor
floorl alias for floor
fma floating-point multiply and add
fmaf alias for fma
fmal alias for fma
fmax determine maximum of two floating-point numbers
fmaxf alias for fmax
fmaxl alias for fmax
fmemopen open memory as stream
fmin determine minimum of two floating-point numbers
fminf alias for fmin
fminl alias for fmin
fmod floating-point remainder function
fmodf alias for fmod
fmodl alias for fmod
fmtmsg print formatted error messages
fnmatch match filename or pathname
fopen stream open functions
fopencookie open a custom stream
forkpty alias for openpty
fpathconf get configuration values for files
fpclassify floating-point classification macros
fprintf alias for printf
fpurge purge a stream
fputc alias for puts
fputc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fputs alias for puts
fputs_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fputwc write a wide character to a FILE stream
fputwc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fputws write a wide-character string to a FILE stream
fputws_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
fread binary stream input/output
fread_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
free alias for malloc
freeaddrinfo alias for getaddrinfo
freehostent alias for getipnodebyname
freeifaddrs alias for getifaddrs
freelocale alias for newlocale
freopen alias for fopen
frexp convert floating-point number to fractional and integral components
frexpf alias for frexp
frexpl alias for frexp
fscanf alias for scanf
fseek reposition a stream
fseeko seek to or report file position
fsetpos alias for fseek
fstatvfs alias for statvfs
ftell alias for fseek
ftello alias for fseeko
ftime return date and time
ftok convert a pathname and a project identifier to a System V IPC key
ftrylockfile alias for flockfile
fts traverse a file hierarchy
fts_children alias for fts
fts_close alias for fts
fts_open alias for fts
fts_read alias for fts
fts_set alias for fts
ftw file tree walk
funlockfile alias for flockfile
futimens alias for utimensat(2)
futimes change file timestamps
fwide set and determine the orientation of a FILE stream
fwprintf alias for wprintf
fwrite alias for fread
fwrite_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
gai_cancel alias for getaddrinfo_a
gai_error alias for getaddrinfo_a
gai_strerror alias for getaddrinfo
gai_suspend alias for getaddrinfo_a
gamma (logarithm of the) gamma function
gammaf alias for gamma
gammal alias for gamma
gcvt convert a floating-point number to a string
get_avphys_pages alias for get_phys_pages
get_current_dir_name alias for getcwd
get_myaddress alias for rpc
get_nprocs get number of processors
get_nprocs_conf alias for get_nprocs
get_phys_pages get total and available physical page counts
getaddrinfo network address and service translation
getaddrinfo_a asynchronous network address and service translation
getaliasbyname alias for setaliasent
getaliasbyname_r alias for setaliasent
getaliasent alias for setaliasent
getaliasent_r alias for setaliasent
getauxval retrieve a value from the auxiliary vector
getc alias for fgetc
getc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
getchar alias for fgetc
getchar_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
getcontext get or set the user context
getcwd get current working directory
getdate convert a date-plus-time string to broken-down time
getdate_err alias for getdate
getdate_r alias for getdate
getdelim alias for getline
getdirentries get directory entries in a filesystem-independent format
getdtablesize get file descriptor table size
getentropy fill a buffer with random bytes
getenv get an environment variable
getfsent handle fstab entries
getfsfile alias for getfsent
getfsspec alias for getfsent
getgrent get group file entry
getgrent_r get group file entry reentrantly
getgrgid alias for getgrnam
getgrgid_r alias for getgrnam
getgrnam get group file entry
getgrnam_r alias for getgrnam
getgrouplist get list of groups to which a user belongs
gethostbyaddr alias for gethostbyname
gethostbyaddr_r alias for gethostbyname
gethostbyname get network host entry
gethostbyname2 alias for gethostbyname
gethostbyname2_r alias for gethostbyname
gethostbyname_r alias for gethostbyname
gethostent alias for gethostbyname
gethostent_r alias for gethostbyname
gethostid get or set the unique identifier of the current host
getifaddrs get interface addresses
getipnodebyaddr alias for getipnodebyname
getipnodebyname get network hostnames and addresses
getline delimited string input
getloadavg get system load averages
getlogin get username
getlogin_r alias for getlogin
getmntent get filesystem descriptor file entry
getmntent_r alias for getmntent
getnameinfo address-to-name translation in protocol-independent manner
getnetbyaddr alias for getnetent
getnetbyaddr_r alias for getnetent_r
getnetbyname alias for getnetent
getnetbyname_r alias for getnetent_r
getnetent get network entry
getnetent_r get network entry (reentrant)
getnetgrent alias for setnetgrent
getnetgrent_r alias for setnetgrent
getopt Parse command-line options
getopt_long alias for getopt
getopt_long_only alias for getopt
getpass get a password
getprotobyname alias for getprotoent
getprotobyname_r alias for getprotoent_r
getprotobynumber alias for getprotoent
getprotobynumber_r alias for getprotoent_r
getprotoent get protocol entry
getprotoent_r get protocol entry (reentrant)
getpt open a new pseudoterminal master
getpw reconstruct password line entry
getpwent get password file entry
getpwent_r get passwd file entry reentrantly
getpwnam get password file entry
getpwnam_r alias for getpwnam
getpwuid alias for getpwnam
getpwuid_r alias for getpwnam
getrpcbyname alias for getrpcent
getrpcbyname_r alias for getrpcent_r
getrpcbynumber alias for getrpcent
getrpcbynumber_r alias for getrpcent_r
getrpcent get RPC entry
getrpcent_r get RPC entry (reentrant)
getrpcport get RPC port number
gets get a string from standard input (DEPRECATED)
getservbyname alias for getservent
getservbyname_r alias for getservent_r
getservbyport alias for getservent
getservbyport_r alias for getservent_r
getservent get service entry
getservent_r get service entry (reentrant)
getspent alias for getspnam
getspent_r alias for getspnam
getspnam get shadow password file entry
getspnam_r alias for getspnam
getsubopt parse suboption arguments from a string
getttyent get ttys file entry
getttynam alias for getttyent
getusershell get permitted user shells
getutent access utmp file entries
getutent_r alias for getutent
getutid alias for getutent
getutid_r alias for getutent
getutline alias for getutent
getutline_r alias for getutent
getutmp copy utmp structure to utmpx, and vice versa
getutmpx alias for getutmp
getutxent alias for getutent
getutxid alias for getutent
getutxline alias for getutent
getw input and output of words (ints)
getwc alias for fgetwc
getwc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
getwchar read a wide character from standard input
getwchar_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
getwd alias for getcwd
glob find pathnames matching a pattern, free memory from glob()
globfree alias for glob
gmtime alias for ctime
gmtime_r alias for ctime
gnu_dev_major alias for makedev
gnu_dev_makedev alias for makedev
gnu_dev_minor alias for makedev
gnu_get_libc_release alias for gnu_get_libc_version
gnu_get_libc_version get glibc version and release
grantpt grant access to the slave pseudoterminal
group_member test whether a process is in a group
gsignal software signal facility
h_errno alias for gethostbyname
hasmntopt alias for getmntent
hcreate alias for hsearch
hcreate_r alias for hsearch
hdestroy alias for hsearch
hdestroy_r alias for hsearch
herror alias for gethostbyname
hsearch hash table management
hsearch_r alias for hsearch
hstrerror alias for gethostbyname
htobe16 alias for endian
htobe32 alias for endian
htobe64 alias for endian
htole16 alias for endian
htole32 alias for endian
htole64 alias for endian
htonl alias for byteorder
htons alias for byteorder
hypot Euclidean distance function
hypotf alias for hypot
hypotl alias for hypot
iconv perform character set conversion
iconv_close deallocate descriptor for character set conversion
iconv_open allocate descriptor for character set conversion
if_freenameindex alias for if_nameindex
if_indextoname alias for if_nametoindex
if_nameindex get network interface names and indexes
if_nametoindex mappings between network interface names and indexes
ilogb get integer exponent of a floating-point value
ilogbf alias for ilogb
ilogbl alias for ilogb
imaxabs alias for abs
imaxdiv alias for div
index locate character in string
inet Internet address manipulation routines
inet_addr alias for inet
inet_aton alias for inet
inet_lnaof alias for inet
inet_makeaddr alias for inet
inet_net_ntop alias for inet_net_pton
inet_net_pton Internet network number conversion
inet_netof alias for inet
inet_network alias for inet
inet_ntoa alias for inet
inet_ntop convert IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from binary to text form
inet_pton convert IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from text to binary form
initgroups initialize the supplementary group access list
initstate alias for random
initstate_r alias for random_r
innetgr alias for setnetgrent
insque insert/remove an item from a queue
intro introduction to library functions
iruserok alias for rcmd
iruserok_af alias for rcmd
isalnum alias for isalpha
isalnum_l alias for isalpha
isalpha character classification functions
isalpha_l alias for isalpha
isascii alias for isalpha
isascii_l alias for isalpha
isatty test whether a file descriptor refers to a terminal
isblank alias for isalpha
isblank_l alias for isalpha
iscntrl alias for isalpha
iscntrl_l alias for isalpha
isdigit alias for isalpha
isdigit_l alias for isalpha
isfdtype test file type of a file descriptor
isfinite alias for fpclassify
isgraph alias for isalpha
isgraph_l alias for isalpha
isgreater floating-point relational tests without exception for NaN
isgreaterequal alias for isgreater
isinf alias for fpclassify
isinff alias for finite
isinfl alias for finite
isless alias for isgreater
islessequal alias for isgreater
islessgreater alias for isgreater
islower alias for isalpha
islower_l alias for isalpha
isnan alias for fpclassify
isnanf alias for finite
isnanl alias for finite
isnormal alias for fpclassify
isprint alias for isalpha
isprint_l alias for isalpha
ispunct alias for isalpha
ispunct_l alias for isalpha
isspace alias for isalpha
isspace_l alias for isalpha
isunordered alias for isgreater
isupper alias for isalpha
isupper_l alias for isalpha
iswalnum test for alphanumeric wide character
iswalpha test for alphabetic wide character
iswblank test for whitespace wide character
iswcntrl test for control wide character
iswctype wide-character classification
iswdigit test for decimal digit wide character
iswgraph test for graphic wide character
iswlower test for lowercase wide character
iswprint test for printing wide character
iswpunct test for punctuation or symbolic wide character
iswspace test for whitespace wide character
iswupper test for uppercase wide character
iswxdigit test for hexadecimal digit wide character
isxdigit alias for isalpha
isxdigit_l alias for isalpha
j0 Bessel functions of the first kind
j0f alias for j0
j0l alias for j0
j1 alias for j0
j1f alias for j0
j1l alias for j0
jn alias for j0
jnf alias for j0
jnl alias for j0
jrand48 alias for drand48
jrand48_r alias for drand48_r
key_decryptsession alias for key_setsecret
key_encryptsession alias for key_setsecret
key_gendes alias for key_setsecret
key_secretkey_is_set alias for key_setsecret
key_setsecret interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon
killpg send signal to a process group
klogctl alias for syslog(2)
l64a alias for a64l
labs alias for abs
lckpwdf alias for getspnam
lcong48 alias for drand48
lcong48_r alias for drand48_r
ldexp multiply floating-point number by integral power of 2
ldexpf alias for ldexp
ldexpl alias for ldexp
ldiv alias for div
le16toh alias for endian
le32toh alias for endian
le64toh alias for endian
lfind alias for lsearch
lgamma log gamma function
lgamma_r alias for lgamma
lgammaf alias for lgamma
lgammaf_r alias for lgamma
lgammal alias for lgamma
lgammal_r alias for lgamma
lio_listio initiate a list of I/O requests
list implementation of a doubly linked list
llabs alias for abs
lldiv alias for div
llrint alias for lrint
llrintf alias for lrint
llrintl alias for lrint
llround alias for lround
llroundf alias for lround
llroundl alias for lround
localeconv get numeric formatting information
localtime alias for ctime
localtime_r alias for ctime
lockf apply, test or remove a POSIX lock on an open file
log natural logarithmic function
log10 base-10 logarithmic function
log10f alias for log10
log10l alias for log10
log1p logarithm of 1 plus argument
log1pf alias for log1p
log1pl alias for log1p
log2 base-2 logarithmic function
log2f alias for log2
log2l alias for log2
logb get exponent of a floating-point value
logbf alias for logb
logbl alias for logb
logf alias for log
login write utmp and wtmp entries
login_tty alias for openpty
logl alias for log
logout alias for login
logwtmp alias for updwtmp
longjmp alias for setjmp
lrand48 alias for drand48
lrand48_r alias for drand48_r
lrint round to nearest integer
lrintf alias for lrint
lrintl alias for lrint
lround round to nearest integer
lroundf alias for lround
lroundl alias for lround
lsearch linear search of an array
lseek64 reposition 64-bit read/write file offset
lutimes alias for futimes
major alias for makedev
makecontext manipulate user context
makedev manage a device number
mallinfo obtain memory allocation information
mallinfo2 alias for mallinfo
malloc allocate and free dynamic memory
malloc_get_state record and restore state of malloc implementation
malloc_hook malloc debugging variables (DEPRECATED)
malloc_info export malloc state to a stream
malloc_set_state alias for malloc_get_state
malloc_stats print memory allocation statistics
malloc_trim release free memory from the heap
malloc_usable_size obtain size of block of memory allocated from heap
mallopt set memory allocation parameters
matherr SVID math library exception handling
mblen determine number of bytes in next multibyte character
mbrlen determine number of bytes in next multibyte character
mbrtowc convert a multibyte sequence to a wide character
mbsinit test for initial shift state
mbsnrtowcs convert a multibyte string to a wide-character string
mbsrtowcs convert a multibyte string to a wide-character string (restartable)
mbstowcs convert a multibyte string to a wide-character string
mbtowc convert a multibyte sequence to a wide character
mcheck heap consistency checking
mcheck_check_all alias for mcheck
mcheck_pedantic alias for mcheck
memalign alias for posix_memalign
memccpy copy memory area
memchr scan memory for a character
memcmp compare memory areas
memcpy copy memory area
memfrob frobnicate (obfuscate) a memory area
memmem locate a substring
memmove copy memory area
mempcpy copy memory area
memrchr alias for memchr
memset fill memory with a constant byte
minor alias for makedev
mkdtemp create a unique temporary directory
mkfifo make a FIFO special file (a named pipe)
mkfifoat alias for mkfifo
mkostemp alias for mkstemp
mkostemps alias for mkstemp
mkstemp create a unique temporary file
mkstemps alias for mkstemp
mktemp make a unique temporary filename
mktime alias for ctime
mmap64 alias for mmap(2)
modf extract signed integral and fractional values from floating-point number
modff alias for modf
modfl alias for modf
mprobe alias for mcheck
mq_close close a message queue descriptor
mq_getattr get/set message queue attributes
mq_notify register for notification when a message is available
mq_open open a message queue
mq_receive receive a message from a message queue
mq_send send a message to a message queue
mq_setattr alias for mq_getattr
mq_timedreceive alias for mq_receive
mq_timedsend alias for mq_send
mq_unlink remove a message queue
mrand48 alias for drand48
mrand48_r alias for drand48_r
mtrace malloc tracing
muntrace alias for mtrace
nan return 'Not a Number'
nanf alias for nan
nanl alias for nan
nearbyint alias for rint
nearbyintf alias for rint
nearbyintl alias for rint
netlink Netlink macros
newlocale create, modify, and free a locale object
nextafter floating-point number manipulation
nextafterf alias for nextafter
nextafterl alias for nextafter
nextdown alias for nextup
nextdownf alias for nextup
nextdownl alias for nextup
nexttoward alias for nextafter
nexttowardf alias for nextafter
nexttowardl alias for nextafter
nextup return next floating-point number toward positive/negative infinity
nextupf alias for nextup
nextupl alias for nextup
nftw alias for ftw
nl_langinfo query language and locale information
nl_langinfo_l alias for nl_langinfo
nrand48 alias for drand48
nrand48_r alias for drand48_r
ntohl alias for byteorder
ntohs alias for byteorder
ntp_adjtime alias for adjtimex(2)
ntp_gettime get time parameters (NTP daemon interface)
ntp_gettimex alias for ntp_gettime
offsetof offset of a structure member
on_exit register a function to be called at normal process termination
open_memstream open a dynamic memory buffer stream
open_wmemstream alias for open_memstream
opendir open a directory
openlog alias for syslog
openpty terminal utility functions
optarg alias for getopt
opterr alias for getopt
optind alias for getopt
optopt alias for getopt
passwd2des alias for xcrypt
pathconf alias for fpathconf
pclose alias for popen
perror print a system error message
pmap_getmaps alias for rpc
pmap_getport alias for rpc
pmap_rmtcall alias for rpc
pmap_set alias for rpc
pmap_unset alias for rpc
popen pipe stream to or from a process
posix_fallocate allocate file space
posix_madvise give advice about patterns of memory usage
posix_memalign allocate aligned memory
posix_openpt open a pseudoterminal device
posix_spawn spawn a process
posix_spawnp alias for posix_spawn
pow power functions
pow10 base-10 power functions
pow10f alias for pow10
pow10l alias for pow10
powerof2 test if a value is a power of 2
powf alias for pow
powl alias for pow
printf formatted output conversion
profil execution time profile
program_invocation_name obtain name used to invoke calling program
program_invocation_short_name alias for program_invocation_name
psiginfo alias for psignal
psignal print signal description
pthread_atfork register fork handlers
pthread_attr_destroy alias for pthread_attr_init
pthread_attr_getaffinity_np alias for pthread_attr_setaffinity_np
pthread_attr_getdetachstate alias for pthread_attr_setdetachstate
pthread_attr_getguardsize alias for pthread_attr_setguardsize
pthread_attr_getinheritsched alias for pthread_attr_setinheritsched
pthread_attr_getschedparam alias for pthread_attr_setschedparam
pthread_attr_getschedpolicy alias for pthread_attr_setschedpolicy
pthread_attr_getscope alias for pthread_attr_setscope
pthread_attr_getsigmask_np alias for pthread_attr_setsigmask_np
pthread_attr_getstack alias for pthread_attr_setstack
pthread_attr_getstackaddr alias for pthread_attr_setstackaddr
pthread_attr_getstacksize alias for pthread_attr_setstacksize
pthread_attr_init initialize and destroy thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setaffinity_np set/get CPU affinity attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setdetachstate set/get detach state attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setguardsize set/get guard size attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setinheritsched set/get inherit-scheduler attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setschedparam set/get scheduling parameter attributes in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setschedpolicy set/get scheduling policy attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setscope set/get contention scope attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setsigmask_np set/get signal mask attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setstack set/get stack attributes in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setstackaddr set/get stack address attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_attr_setstacksize set/get stack size attribute in thread attributes object
pthread_cancel send a cancelation request to a thread
pthread_cleanup_pop alias for pthread_cleanup_push
pthread_cleanup_pop_restore_np alias for pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np
pthread_cleanup_push push and pop thread cancelation clean-up handlers
pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np push and pop thread cancelation clean-up handlers while saving cancelability type
pthread_cond_broadcast alias for pthread_cond_init
pthread_cond_destroy alias for pthread_cond_init
pthread_cond_init operations on conditions
pthread_cond_signal alias for pthread_cond_init
pthread_cond_timedwait alias for pthread_cond_init
pthread_cond_wait alias for pthread_cond_init
pthread_condattr_destroy alias for pthread_condattr_init
pthread_condattr_init condition creation attributes
pthread_create create a new thread
pthread_detach detach a thread
pthread_equal compare thread IDs
pthread_exit terminate calling thread
pthread_getaffinity_np alias for pthread_setaffinity_np
pthread_getattr_default_np get or set default thread-creation attributes
pthread_getattr_np get attributes of created thread
pthread_getconcurrency alias for pthread_setconcurrency
pthread_getcpuclockid retrieve ID of a thread's CPU time clock
pthread_getname_np alias for pthread_setname_np
pthread_getschedparam alias for pthread_setschedparam
pthread_getspecific alias for pthread_key_create
pthread_join join with a terminated thread
pthread_key_create management of thread-specific data
pthread_key_delete alias for pthread_key_create
pthread_kill send a signal to a thread
pthread_kill_other_threads_np terminate all other threads in process
pthread_mutex_consistent make a robust mutex consistent
pthread_mutex_consistent_np alias for pthread_mutex_consistent
pthread_mutex_destroy alias for pthread_mutex_init
pthread_mutex_init operations on mutexes
pthread_mutex_lock alias for pthread_mutex_init
pthread_mutex_trylock alias for pthread_mutex_init
pthread_mutex_unlock alias for pthread_mutex_init
pthread_mutexattr_destroy alias for pthread_mutexattr_init
pthread_mutexattr_getkind_np alias for pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np
pthread_mutexattr_getpshared get/set process-shared mutex attribute
pthread_mutexattr_getrobust alias for pthread_mutexattr_setrobust
pthread_mutexattr_getrobust_np alias for pthread_mutexattr_setrobust
pthread_mutexattr_gettype alias for pthread_mutexattr_init
pthread_mutexattr_init initialize and destroy a mutex attributes object
pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np deprecated mutex creation attributes
pthread_mutexattr_setpshared alias for pthread_mutexattr_getpshared
pthread_mutexattr_setrobust get and set the robustness attribute of a mutex attributes object
pthread_mutexattr_setrobust_np alias for pthread_mutexattr_setrobust
pthread_mutexattr_settype alias for pthread_mutexattr_init
pthread_once once-only initialization
pthread_rwlockattr_getkind_np alias for pthread_rwlockattr_setkind_np
pthread_rwlockattr_setkind_np set/get the read-write lock kind of the thread read-write lock attribute object
pthread_self obtain ID of the calling thread
pthread_setaffinity_np set/get CPU affinity of a thread
pthread_setattr_default_np alias for pthread_getattr_default_np
pthread_setcancelstate set cancelability state and type
pthread_setcanceltype alias for pthread_setcancelstate
pthread_setconcurrency set/get the concurrency level
pthread_setname_np set/get the name of a thread
pthread_setschedparam set/get scheduling policy and parameters of a thread
pthread_setschedprio set scheduling priority of a thread
pthread_setspecific alias for pthread_key_create
pthread_sigmask examine and change mask of blocked signals
pthread_sigqueue queue a signal and data to a thread
pthread_spin_destroy alias for pthread_spin_init
pthread_spin_init initialize or destroy a spin lock
pthread_spin_lock lock and unlock a spin lock
pthread_spin_trylock alias for pthread_spin_lock
pthread_spin_unlock alias for pthread_spin_lock
pthread_testcancel request delivery of any pending cancelation request
pthread_timedjoin_np alias for pthread_tryjoin_np
pthread_tryjoin_np try to join with a terminated thread
pthread_yield yield the processor
ptsname get the name of the slave pseudoterminal
ptsname_r alias for ptsname
putc alias for puts
putc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
putchar alias for puts
putchar_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
putenv change or add an environment variable
putgrent write a group database entry to a file
putpwent write a password file entry
puts output of characters and strings
putspent alias for getspnam
pututline alias for getutent
pututxline alias for getutent
putw alias for getw
putwc alias for fputwc
putwc_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
putwchar write a wide character to standard output
putwchar_unlocked alias for unlocked_stdio
pvalloc alias for posix_memalign
qecvt convert a floating-point number to a string
qecvt_r alias for ecvt_r
qfcvt alias for qecvt
qfcvt_r alias for ecvt_r
qgcvt alias for qecvt
qsort sort an array
qsort_r alias for qsort
queue alias for queue(7)
raise send a signal to the caller
rand pseudo-random number generator
rand_r alias for rand
random random number generator
random_r reentrant random number generator
rawmemchr alias for memchr
rcmd routines for returning a stream to a remote command
rcmd_af alias for rcmd
re_comp BSD regex functions
re_exec alias for re_comp
readdir read a directory
readdir_r read a directory
realloc alias for malloc
reallocarray alias for malloc
realpath return the canonicalized absolute pathname
regcomp alias for regex
regerror alias for regex
regex POSIX regex functions
regexec alias for regex
regfree alias for regex
registerrpc alias for rpc
remainder floating-point remainder function
remainderf alias for remainder
remainderl alias for remainder
remove remove a file or directory
remque alias for insque
remquo remainder and part of quotient
remquof alias for remquo
remquol alias for remquo
res_init alias for resolver
res_mkquery alias for resolver
res_nclose alias for resolver
res_ninit alias for resolver
res_nmkquery alias for resolver
res_nquery alias for resolver
res_nquerydomain alias for resolver
res_nsearch alias for resolver
res_nsend alias for resolver
res_query alias for resolver
res_querydomain alias for resolver
res_search alias for resolver
res_send alias for resolver
resolver resolver routines
rewind alias for fseek
rewinddir reset directory stream
rexec return stream to a remote command
rexec_af alias for rexec
rindex alias for index
rint round to nearest integer
rintf alias for rint
rintl alias for rint
round round to nearest integer, away from zero
roundf alias for round
roundl alias for round
roundup round up in steps
rpc library routines for remote procedure calls
rpmatch determine if the answer to a question is affirmative or negative
rresvport alias for rcmd
rresvport_af alias for rcmd
rtime get time from a remote machine
rtnetlink macros to manipulate rtnetlink messages
ruserok alias for rcmd
ruserok_af alias for rcmd
scalb multiply floating-point number by integral power of radix (OBSOLETE)
scalbf alias for scalb
scalbl alias for scalb
scalbln multiply floating-point number by integral power of radix
scalblnf alias for scalbln
scalblnl alias for scalbln
scalbn alias for scalbln
scalbnf alias for scalbln
scalbnl alias for scalbln
scandir scan a directory for matching entries
scandirat alias for scandir
scanf input FILE format conversion
sched_getcpu determine CPU on which the calling thread is running
secure_getenv alias for getenv
seed48 alias for drand48
seed48_r alias for drand48_r
seekdir set the position of the next readdir() call in the directory stream.
sem_close close a named semaphore
sem_destroy destroy an unnamed semaphore
sem_getvalue get the value of a semaphore
sem_init initialize an unnamed semaphore
sem_open initialize and open a named semaphore
sem_post unlock a semaphore
sem_timedwait alias for sem_wait
sem_trywait alias for sem_wait
sem_unlink remove a named semaphore
sem_wait lock a semaphore
setaliasent read an alias entry
setbuf stream buffering operations
setbuffer alias for setbuf
setcontext alias for getcontext
setenv change or add an environment variable
setfsent alias for getfsent
setgrent alias for getgrent
sethostent alias for gethostbyname
sethostid alias for gethostid
setjmp performing a nonlocal goto
setkey alias for encrypt
setkey_r alias for encrypt
setlinebuf alias for setbuf
setlocale set the current locale
setlogmask set log priority mask
setmntent alias for getmntent
setnetent alias for getnetent
setnetgrent handle network group entries
setprotoent alias for getprotoent
setpwent alias for getpwent
setrpcent alias for getrpcent
setservent alias for getservent
setspent alias for getspnam
setstate alias for random
setstate_r alias for random_r
setttyent alias for getttyent
setusershell alias for getusershell
setutent alias for getutent
setutxent alias for getutent
setvbuf alias for setbuf
sgetspent alias for getspnam
sgetspent_r alias for getspnam
shm_open create/open or unlink POSIX shared memory objects
shm_unlink alias for shm_open
sigabbrev_np alias for strsignal
sigaddset alias for sigsetops
sigandset alias for sigsetops
sigblock alias for sigvec
sigdelset alias for sigsetops
sigdescr_np alias for strsignal
sigemptyset alias for sigsetops
sigfillset alias for sigsetops
siggetmask alias for sigvec
sighold alias for sigset
sigignore alias for sigset
siginterrupt allow signals to interrupt system calls
sigisemptyset alias for sigsetops
sigismember alias for sigsetops
siglongjmp alias for setjmp
sigmask alias for sigvec
signbit test sign of a real floating-point number
signgam alias for lgamma
significand get mantissa of floating-point number
significandf alias for significand
significandl alias for significand
sigorset alias for sigsetops
sigpause atomically release blocked signals and wait for interrupt
sigqueue queue a signal and data to a process
sigrelse alias for sigset
sigset System V signal API
sigsetjmp alias for setjmp
sigsetmask alias for sigvec
sigsetops POSIX signal set operations
sigstack alias for sigaltstack(2)
sigvec BSD signal API
sigwait wait for a signal
simpleq alias for stailq
sin sine function
sincos calculate sin and cos simultaneously
sincosf alias for sincos
sincosl alias for sincos
sinf alias for sin
sinh hyperbolic sine function
sinhf alias for sinh
sinhl alias for sinh
sinl alias for sin
sleep sleep for a specified number of seconds
slist implementation of a singly linked list
snprintf alias for printf
sockatmark determine whether socket is at out-of-band mark
sprintf alias for printf
sqrt square root function
sqrtf alias for sqrt
sqrtl alias for sqrt
srand alias for rand
srand48 alias for drand48
srand48_r alias for drand48_r
srandom alias for random
srandom_r alias for random_r
sscanf input string format conversion
ssignal alias for gsignal
stailq implementation of a singly linked tail queue
static_assert fail compilation if assertion is false
statvfs get filesystem statistics
stdarg variable argument lists
stderr alias for stdin
stdin standard I/O streams
stdio standard input/output library functions
stdio_ext interfaces to stdio FILE structure
stdout alias for stdin
stpcpy alias for strcpy
stpncpy fill a fixed-size buffer with non-null bytes from a string, padding with null bytes as needed
strcasecmp compare two strings ignoring case
strcasestr alias for strstr
strcat alias for strcpy
strchr locate character in string
strchrnul alias for strchr
strcmp compare two strings
strcoll compare two strings using the current locale
strcpy copy or catenate a string
strcspn alias for strspn
strdup duplicate a string
strdupa alias for strdup
strerror return string describing error number
strerror_l alias for strerror
strerror_r alias for strerror
strerrordesc_np alias for strerror
strerrorname_np alias for strerror
strfmon convert monetary value to a string
strfmon_l alias for strfmon
strfromd convert a floating-point value into a string
strfromf alias for strfromd
strfroml alias for strfromd
strfry randomize a string
strftime format date and time
strftime_l alias for strftime
string string operations
strlen calculate the length of a string
strncasecmp alias for strcasecmp
strncat append non-null bytes from a source array to a string, and null-terminate the result
strncmp alias for strcmp
strncpy alias for stpncpy
strndup alias for strdup
strndupa alias for strdup
strnlen determine the length of a fixed-size string
strpbrk search a string for any of a set of bytes
strptime convert a string representation of time to a time tm structure
strrchr alias for strchr
strsep extract token from string
strsignal return string describing signal
strspn get length of a prefix substring
strstr locate a substring
strtod convert ASCII string to floating-point number
strtof alias for strtod
strtoimax convert string to integer
strtok extract tokens from strings
strtok_r alias for strtok
strtol convert a string to a long integer
strtold alias for strtod
strtoll alias for strtol
strtoq alias for strtol
strtoul convert a string to an unsigned long integer
strtoull alias for strtoul
strtoumax alias for strtoimax
strtouq alias for strtoul
strverscmp compare two version strings
strxfrm string transformation
svc_destroy alias for rpc
svc_freeargs alias for rpc
svc_getargs alias for rpc
svc_getcaller alias for rpc
svc_getreq alias for rpc
svc_getreqset alias for rpc
svc_register alias for rpc
svc_run alias for rpc
svc_sendreply alias for rpc
svc_unregister alias for rpc
svcerr_auth alias for rpc
svcerr_decode alias for rpc
svcerr_noproc alias for rpc
svcerr_noprog alias for rpc
svcerr_progvers alias for rpc
svcerr_systemerr alias for rpc
svcerr_weakauth alias for rpc
svcfd_create alias for rpc
svcraw_create alias for rpc
svctcp_create alias for rpc
svcudp_bufcreate alias for rpc
svcudp_create alias for rpc
swab swap adjacent bytes
swapcontext alias for makecontext
swprintf alias for wprintf
sys_errlist alias for perror
sys_nerr alias for perror
sys_siglist alias for strsignal
sysconf get configuration information at run time
syslog send messages to the system logger
system execute a shell command
sysv_signal signal handling with System V semantics
tailq implementation of a doubly linked tail queue
tan tangent function
tanf alias for tan
tanh hyperbolic tangent function
tanhf alias for tanh
tanhl alias for tanh
tanl alias for tan
tcdrain alias for termios
tcflow alias for termios
tcflush alias for termios
tcgetattr alias for termios
tcgetpgrp get and set terminal foreground process group
tcgetsid get session ID
tcsendbreak alias for termios
tcsetattr alias for termios
tcsetpgrp alias for tcgetpgrp
tdelete alias for tsearch
tdestroy alias for tsearch
telldir return current location in directory stream
tempnam create a name for a temporary file
termios get and set terminal attributes, line control, get and set baud rate
tfind alias for tsearch
tgamma true gamma function
tgammaf alias for tgamma
tgammal alias for tgamma
timegm inverses of gmtime and localtime
timelocal alias for timegm
timeradd timeval operations
timerclear alias for timeradd
timercmp alias for timeradd
timerisset alias for timeradd
timersub alias for timeradd
timezone alias for tzset
tmpfile create a temporary file
tmpnam create a name for a temporary file
tmpnam_r alias for tmpnam
toascii convert character to ASCII
tolower alias for toupper
tolower_l alias for toupper
toupper convert uppercase or lowercase
toupper_l alias for toupper
towctrans wide-character transliteration
towlower convert a wide character to lowercase
towlower_l alias for towlower
towupper convert a wide character to uppercase
towupper_l alias for towupper
trunc round to integer, toward zero
truncf alias for trunc
truncl alias for trunc
tsearch manage a binary search tree
ttyname return name of a terminal
ttyname_r alias for ttyname
ttyslot find the slot of the current user's terminal in some file
twalk alias for tsearch
twalk_r alias for tsearch
tzname alias for tzset
tzset initialize time conversion information
ualarm schedule signal after given number of microseconds
ulckpwdf alias for getspnam
ulimit get and set user limits
undocumented undocumented library functions
ungetc alias for fgetc
ungetwc push back a wide character onto a FILE stream
unlocked_stdio nonlocking stdio functions
unlockpt unlock a pseudoterminal master/slave pair
unsetenv alias for setenv
updwtmp append an entry to the wtmp file
updwtmpx alias for updwtmp
uselocale set/get the locale for the calling thread
usleep suspend execution for microsecond intervals
utmpname alias for getutent
utmpxname alias for getutent
va_arg alias for stdarg
va_copy alias for stdarg
va_end alias for stdarg
va_start alias for stdarg
valloc alias for posix_memalign
vasprintf alias for asprintf
vdprintf alias for printf
verr alias for err
verrx alias for err
versionsort alias for scandir
vfprintf alias for printf
vfscanf alias for scanf
vfwprintf alias for wprintf
vlimit alias for getrlimit(2)
vprintf alias for printf
vscanf alias for scanf
vsnprintf alias for printf
vsprintf alias for printf
vsscanf alias for sscanf
vswprintf alias for wprintf
vsyslog alias for syslog
vtimes alias for getrusage(2)
vwarn alias for err
vwarnx alias for err
vwprintf alias for wprintf
warn alias for err
warnx alias for err
wcpcpy copy a wide-character string, returning a pointer to its end
wcpncpy copy a fixed-size string of wide characters, returning a pointer to its end
wcrtomb convert a wide character to a multibyte sequence
wcscasecmp compare two wide-character strings, ignoring case
wcscat concatenate two wide-character strings
wcschr search a wide character in a wide-character string
wcscmp compare two wide-character strings
wcscpy copy a wide-character string
wcscspn search a wide-character string for any of a set of wide characters
wcsdup duplicate a wide-character string
wcslen determine the length of a wide-character string
wcsncasecmp compare two fixed-size wide-character strings, ignoring case
wcsncat concatenate two wide-character strings
wcsncmp compare two fixed-size wide-character strings
wcsncpy copy a fixed-size string of wide characters
wcsnlen determine the length of a fixed-size wide-character string
wcsnrtombs convert a wide-character string to a multibyte string
wcspbrk search a wide-character string for any of a set of wide characters
wcsrchr search a wide character in a wide-character string
wcsrtombs convert a wide-character string to a multibyte string
wcsspn get length of a prefix wide-character substring
wcsstr locate a substring in a wide-character string
wcstoimax convert wide-character string to integer
wcstok split wide-character string into tokens
wcstombs convert a wide-character string to a multibyte string
wcstoumax alias for wcstoimax
wcswidth determine columns needed for a fixed-size wide-character string
wctob try to represent a wide character as a single byte
wctomb convert a wide character to a multibyte sequence
wctrans wide-character translation mapping
wctype wide-character classification
wcwidth determine columns needed for a wide character
wmemchr search a wide character in a wide-character array
wmemcmp compare two arrays of wide-characters
wmemcpy copy an array of wide-characters
wmemmove copy an array of wide-characters
wmempcpy alias for mempcpy
wmemset fill an array of wide-characters with a constant wide character
wordexp perform word expansion like a posix-shell
wordfree alias for wordexp
wprintf formatted wide-character output conversion
xcrypt RFS password encryption
xdecrypt alias for xcrypt
xdr library routines for external data representation
xdr_accepted_reply alias for rpc
xdr_array alias for xdr
xdr_authunix_parms alias for rpc
xdr_bool alias for xdr
xdr_bytes alias for xdr
xdr_callhdr alias for rpc
xdr_callmsg alias for rpc
xdr_char alias for xdr
xdr_destroy alias for xdr
xdr_double alias for xdr
xdr_enum alias for xdr
xdr_float alias for xdr
xdr_free alias for xdr
xdr_getpos alias for xdr
xdr_inline alias for xdr
xdr_int alias for xdr
xdr_long alias for xdr
xdr_opaque alias for xdr
xdr_opaque_auth alias for rpc
xdr_pmap alias for rpc
xdr_pmaplist alias for rpc
xdr_pointer alias for xdr
xdr_reference alias for xdr
xdr_rejected_reply alias for rpc
xdr_replymsg alias for rpc
xdr_setpos alias for xdr
xdr_short alias for xdr
xdr_string alias for xdr
xdr_u_char alias for xdr
xdr_u_int alias for xdr
xdr_u_long alias for xdr
xdr_u_short alias for xdr
xdr_union alias for xdr
xdr_vector alias for xdr
xdr_void alias for xdr
xdr_wrapstring alias for xdr
xdrmem_create alias for xdr
xdrrec_create alias for xdr
xdrrec_endofrecord alias for xdr
xdrrec_eof alias for xdr
xdrrec_skiprecord alias for xdr
xdrstdio_create alias for xdr
xencrypt alias for xcrypt
xprt_register alias for rpc
xprt_unregister alias for rpc
y0 Bessel functions of the second kind
y0f alias for y0
y0l alias for y0
y1 alias for y0
y1f alias for y0
y1l alias for y0
yn alias for y0
ynf alias for y0
ynl alias for y0

Special Files

cciss HP Smart Array block driver
console_codes Linux console escape and control sequences
console_ioctl alias for ioctl_console(2)
cpuid x86 CPUID access device
dsp56k DSP56001 interface device
fd floppy disk device
full always full device
fuse Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) device
hd MFM/IDE hard disk devices
hpsa HP Smart Array SCSI driver
initrd boot loader initialized RAM disk
intro introduction to special files
kmem alias for mem
lirc lirc devices
loop loop devices
loop-control alias for loop
lp line printer devices
mem system memory, kernel memory and system ports
mouse serial mouse interface
msr x86 CPU MSR access device
null data sink
port alias for mem
ptmx alias for pts
pts pseudoterminal master and slave
ram ram disk device
random kernel random number source devices
rtc real-time clock
sd driver for SCSI disk drives
sk98lin Marvell/SysKonnect Gigabit Ethernet driver v6.21
smartpqi Microchip Smart Storage SCSI driver
st SCSI tape device
tty controlling terminal
ttyS serial terminal lines
tty_ioctl alias for ioctl_tty(2)
urandom alias for random
vcs virtual console memory
vcsa alias for vcs
veth Virtual Ethernet Device
wavelan AT&T GIS WaveLAN ISA device driver
zero alias for null

File Formats

acct process accounting file
charmap character set description file
core core dump file
dir_colors configuration file for dircolors(1)
elf format of Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files
erofs the Enhanced Read-Only File System
filesystems Linux filesystem types: ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, hpfs, iso9660, JFS, minix, msdos, ncpfs nfs, ntfs, proc, Reiserfs, smb, sysv, umsdos, vfat, XFS, xiafs
fs alias for filesystems
ftpusers list of users that may not log in via the FTP daemon
gai.conf getaddrinfo(3) configuration file
group user group file
host.conf resolver configuration file
hosts static table lookup for hostnames
hosts.equiv list of hosts and users that are granted "trusted" r command access to your system
intro introduction to file formats and filesystems
issue prelogin message and identification file
locale describes a locale definition file
motd message of the day
networks network name information
nologin prevent unprivileged users from logging into the system
nscd.conf name service cache daemon configuration file
nss Name Service Switch configuration file
nsswitch.conf Name Service Switch configuration file
passwd password file
proc process information, system information, and sysctl pseudo-filesystem
proc_apm advanced power management
proc_buddyinfo memory fragmentation
proc_bus installed buses
proc_cgroups control groups
proc_cmdline kernel boot arguments
proc_config.gz kernel build configuration
proc_cpuinfo CPU and system architecture information
proc_crypto ciphers provided by kernel crypto API
proc_devices major numbers and device groups
proc_diskstats disk I/O statistics
proc_dma ISA DMA channels
proc_driver empty dir
proc_execdomains ABI personalities (obsolete)
proc_fb frame buffer
proc_filesystems supported filesystems
proc_fs mounted filesystems
proc_ide IDE channels and attached devices
proc_interrupts number of interrupts
proc_iomem I/O memory map
proc_ioports I/O port regions
proc_kallsyms kernel exported symbols
proc_kcore physical memory
proc_key-users alias for proc_keys
proc_keys in-kernel key management
proc_kmsg kernel messages
proc_kpagecgroup memory cgroups
proc_kpagecount count of mappings of physical pages
proc_kpageflags physical pages frame masks
proc_ksyms alias for proc_kallsyms
proc_loadavg load average
proc_locks current file locks and leases
proc_malloc debug malloc (obsolete)
proc_meminfo memory usage
proc_modules loaded modules
proc_mounts alias for proc_pid_mounts
proc_mtrr memory type range registers
proc_net alias for proc_pid_net
proc_partitions major and minor numbers of partitions
proc_pci PCI devices
proc_pid process information
proc_pid_attr security-related attributes
proc_pid_autogroup group tasks for the scheduler
proc_pid_auxv exec(3) information
proc_pid_cgroup control group
proc_pid_clear_refs reset the PG_Referenced and ACCESSED/YOUNG bits
proc_pid_cmdline command line
proc_pid_comm command name
proc_pid_coredump_filter core dump filter
proc_pid_cpuset CPU affinity sets
proc_pid_cwd symbolic link to current working directory
proc_pid_environ initial environment
proc_pid_exe symbolic link to program pathname
proc_pid_fd file descriptors
proc_pid_fdinfo information about file descriptors
proc_pid_gid_map alias for proc_pid_uid_map
proc_pid_io I/O statistics
proc_pid_limits resource limits
proc_pid_map_files memory-mapped files
proc_pid_maps mapped memory regions
proc_pid_mem memory
proc_pid_mountinfo mount information
proc_pid_mounts mounted filesystems
proc_pid_mountstats mount statistics
proc_pid_net network layer information
proc_pid_ns namespaces
proc_pid_numa_maps NUMA memory policy and allocation
proc_pid_oom_adj alias for proc_pid_oom_score_adj
proc_pid_oom_score OOM-killer score
proc_pid_oom_score_adj OOM-killer score adjustment
proc_pid_pagemap mapping of virtual pages
proc_pid_personality execution domain
proc_pid_projid_map project ID mappings
proc_pid_root symbolic link to root directory
proc_pid_seccomp secure computing mode
proc_pid_setgroups allow or deny setting groups
proc_pid_smaps XXX: What does 's' in "smaps" stand for?
proc_pid_stack kernel stack
proc_pid_stat status information
proc_pid_statm memory usage information
proc_pid_status memory usage and status information
proc_pid_syscall currently executed system call
proc_pid_task thread information
proc_pid_timers POSIX timers
proc_pid_timerslack_ns timer slack in nanoseconds
proc_pid_uid_map user and group ID mappings
proc_pid_wchan wait channel
proc_profile kernel profiling
proc_scsi SCSI
proc_self alias for proc_pid
proc_slabinfo kernel caches
proc_stat kernel system statistics
proc_swaps swap areas
proc_sys system information, and sysctl pseudo-filesystem
proc_sys_abi application binary information
proc_sys_debug debug
proc_sys_dev device-specific information
proc_sys_fs kernel variables related to filesystems
proc_sys_kernel control a range of kernel parameters
proc_sys_net networking
proc_sys_proc ???
proc_sys_sunrpc Sun remote procedure call for NFS
proc_sys_user limits on the number of namespaces of various types
proc_sys_vm virtual memory subsystem
proc_sysrq-trigger SysRq function
proc_sysvipc System V IPC
proc_thread-self alias for proc_pid_task
proc_tid alias for proc_pid_task
proc_tid_children child tasks
proc_timer_list pending timers
proc_timer_stats timer statistics
proc_tty tty
proc_uptime system uptime
proc_version kernel version
proc_vmstat virtual memory statistics
proc_zoneinfo memory zones
procfs alias for proc
protocols protocols definition file
repertoiremap map symbolic character names to Unicode code points
resolv.conf resolver configuration file
resolver alias for resolv.conf
rpc RPC program number data base
securetty list of terminals on which root is allowed to login
services Internet network services list
shells pathnames of valid login shells
slabinfo kernel slab allocator statistics
sysfs a filesystem for exporting kernel objects
termcap terminal capability database
tmpfs a virtual memory filesystem
ttytype terminal device to default terminal type mapping
tzfile timezone information
utmp login records
utmpx alias for utmp
wtmp alias for utmp


intro introduction to games


address_families socket address families (domains)
aio POSIX asynchronous I/O overview
armscii-8 Armenian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
arp Linux ARP kernel module.
ascii ASCII character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
attributes POSIX safety concepts
bootparam introduction to boot time parameters of the Linux kernel
bpf-helpers list of eBPF helper functions
capabilities overview of Linux capabilities
cgroup_namespaces overview of Linux cgroup namespaces
cgroups Linux control groups
charsets character set standards and internationalization
complex basics of complex mathematics
cp1251 CP 1251 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
cp1252 CP 1252 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
cpuset confine processes to processor and memory node subsets
credentials process identifiers
ddp Linux AppleTalk protocol implementation
environ user environment
epoll I/O event notification facility
fanotify monitoring filesystem events
feature_test_macros feature test macros
fifo first-in first-out special file, named pipe
futex fast user-space locking
glibc alias for libc
glob globbing pathnames
hier description of the filesystem hierarchy
hostname hostname resolution description
icmp Linux IPv4 ICMP kernel module.
inode file inode information
inotify monitoring filesystem events
intro introduction to overview and miscellany section
ip Linux IPv4 protocol implementation
ipc_namespaces overview of Linux IPC namespaces
ipv6 Linux IPv6 protocol implementation
iso-8859-1 alias for iso_8859-1
iso-8859-10 alias for iso_8859-10
iso-8859-11 alias for iso_8859-11
iso-8859-13 alias for iso_8859-13
iso-8859-14 alias for iso_8859-14
iso-8859-15 alias for iso_8859-15
iso-8859-16 alias for iso_8859-16
iso-8859-2 alias for iso_8859-2
iso-8859-3 alias for iso_8859-3
iso-8859-4 alias for iso_8859-4
iso-8859-5 alias for iso_8859-5
iso-8859-6 alias for iso_8859-6
iso-8859-7 alias for iso_8859-7
iso-8859-8 alias for iso_8859-8
iso-8859-9 alias for iso_8859-9
iso_8859-1 ISO/IEC 8859-1 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-10 ISO/IEC 8859-10 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-11 ISO/IEC 8859-11 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-13 ISO/IEC 8859-13 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-14 ISO/IEC 8859-14 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-15 ISO/IEC 8859-15 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-16 ISO/IEC 8859-16 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-2 ISO/IEC 8859-2 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-3 ISO/IEC 8859-3 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-4 ISO/IEC 8859-4 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-5 ISO/IEC 8859-5 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-6 ISO/IEC 8859-6 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-7 ISO/IEC 8859-7 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-8 ISO/IEC 8859-8 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-9 ISO/IEC 8859-9 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_1 alias for iso_8859-1
iso_8859_10 alias for iso_8859-10
iso_8859_11 alias for iso_8859-11
iso_8859_13 alias for iso_8859-13
iso_8859_14 alias for iso_8859-14
iso_8859_15 alias for iso_8859-15
iso_8859_16 alias for iso_8859-16
iso_8859_2 alias for iso_8859-2
iso_8859_3 alias for iso_8859-3
iso_8859_4 alias for iso_8859-4
iso_8859_5 alias for iso_8859-5
iso_8859_6 alias for iso_8859-6
iso_8859_7 alias for iso_8859-7
iso_8859_8 alias for iso_8859-8
iso_8859_9 alias for iso_8859-9
kernel_lockdown kernel image access prevention feature
keyrings in-kernel key management and retention facility
koi8-r Russian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
koi8-u Ukrainian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
landlock unprivileged access-control
latin1 alias for iso_8859-1
latin10 alias for iso_8859-16
latin2 alias for iso_8859-2
latin3 alias for iso_8859-3
latin4 alias for iso_8859-4
latin5 alias for iso_8859-9
latin6 alias for iso_8859-10
latin7 alias for iso_8859-13
latin8 alias for iso_8859-14
latin9 alias for iso_8859-15
libc overview of standard C libraries on Linux
locale description of multilanguage support
mailaddr mail addressing description
man-pages conventions for writing Linux man pages
man.man-pages alias for groff_man
math_error detecting errors from mathematical functions
mount_namespaces overview of Linux mount namespaces
mq_overview overview of POSIX message queues
namespaces overview of Linux namespaces
netdevice low-level access to Linux network devices
netlink communication between kernel and user space (AF_NETLINK)
network_namespaces overview of Linux network namespaces
nptl Native POSIX Threads Library
numa overview of Non-Uniform Memory Architecture
operator C operator precedence and order of evaluation
packet packet interface on device level
path_resolution how a pathname is resolved to a file
persistent-keyring per-user persistent keyring
pid_namespaces overview of Linux PID namespaces
pipe overview of pipes and FIFOs
pkeys overview of Memory Protection Keys
posixoptions optional parts of the POSIX standard
precedence alias for operator
process-keyring per-process shared keyring
pthreads POSIX threads
pty pseudoterminal interfaces
queue implementations of linked lists and queues
random overview of interfaces for obtaining randomness
raw Linux IPv4 raw sockets
regex POSIX.2 regular expressions
rtld-audit auditing API for the dynamic linker
rtnetlink Linux routing socket
sched overview of CPU scheduling
sem_overview overview of POSIX semaphores
session-keyring session shared process keyring
shm_overview overview of POSIX shared memory
signal overview of signals
signal-safety async-signal-safe functions
sock_diag obtaining information about sockets
socket Linux socket interface
spufs SPU filesystem
standards C and UNIX Standards
string_copying copying strings and character sequences
suffixes list of file suffixes
svipc alias for sysvipc
symlink symbolic link handling
system_data_types overview of system data types
sysvipc System V interprocess communication mechanisms
tcp TCP protocol
termio System V terminal driver interface
thread-keyring per-thread keyring
time overview of time and timers
time_namespaces overview of Linux time namespaces
tis-620 alias for iso_8859-11
udp User Datagram Protocol for IPv4
udplite Lightweight User Datagram Protocol
unicode universal character set
units decimal and binary prefixes
unix sockets for local interprocess communication
uri uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN
url alias for uri
urn alias for uri
user-keyring per-user keyring
user-session-keyring per-user default session keyring
user_namespaces overview of Linux user namespaces
utf-8 an ASCII compatible multibyte Unicode encoding
utf8 alias for utf-8
uts_namespaces overview of Linux UTS namespaces
vdso overview of the virtual ELF dynamic shared object
vsock Linux VSOCK address family
x25 ITU-T X.25 / ISO/IEC 8208 protocol interface
xattr Extended attributes

System Administration

cons.saver general-purpose Linux console screen save and restore server
iconvconfig create iconv module configuration cache
intro introduction to administration and privileged commands
ld-linux alias for ld.so
ld-linux.so alias for ld.so
ld.so dynamic linker/loader
ldconfig configure dynamic linker run-time bindings
nscd name service cache daemon
sln create symbolic links
tzselect select a timezone
zdump timezone dumper
zic timezone compiler