Package maildrop

Mail delivery agent with filtering abilities

maildrop is the mail filter/mail delivery agent that's used by the
Courier Mail Server. This is a standalone build of the maildrop mail
filter that can be used with other mail servers.

maildrop is a replacement for your local mail delivery agent. maildrop
reads a mail message from standard input, then delivers the message to
your mailbox. maildrop knows how to deliver mail to mbox-style
mailboxes, and maildirs.

maildrop optionally reads instructions from a file, which describe how
to filter incoming mail. These instructions can direct maildrop to
deliver the message to an alternate mailbox, or forward it somewhere
else. Unlike procmail, maildrop uses a structured filtering language.

maildrop is written in C++, and is significantly larger than
procmail. However, it uses resources much more efficiently. Unlike
procmail, maildrop will not read a 10 megabyte mail message into
memory. Large messages are saved in a temporary file, and are filtered
from the temporary file. If the standard input to maildrop is a file,
and not a pipe, a temporary file will not be necessary.

maildrop checks the mail delivery instruction syntax from the filter
file, before attempting to deliver a message. Unlike procmail, if the
filter file contains syntax errors, maildrop terminates without
delivering the message. The user can fix the typo without causing any
mail to be lost.

General Commands
Command Description
lockmail create mail lock files
mailbot A MIME-aware autoresponder utility
maildirmake create maildirs and maildir folders
maildrop mail delivery filter/agent
makedat create GDBM/DB files for maildrop
makemime Create MIME-formatted messages
reformail E-mail reformatting tool
reformime MIME E-mail reformatting tool
File Formats
File Description
maildir E-mail directory
Name Description
maildirquota voluntary Maildir quotas
maildropex maildrop filtering language examples
maildropfilter maildrop's filtering language
maildropgdbm GDBM/DB support in maildrop
System Administration
Command Description
deliverquota deliver to a maildir with a quota