Package maildir-utils

A command-line mail organization utility

Maildir-utils (mu) is a command-line utility for organizing and
searching email.

Version: 1.6.6

General Commands

mu a set of tools to deal with Maildirs and message files, in particular to index and search e-mail messages.
mu-add mu add- add one or more messages to the database
mu-cfind mu cfind is the mu command to find contacts in the mu database and export them for use in other programs.
mu-easy a quick introduction to mu
mu-extract mu extract is the mu command to display and save message parts (attachments), and open them with other tools.
mu-find find e-mail messages in the mu database.
mu-help mu help is a mu command that gives help information about mu commands.
mu-index index e-mail messages stored in Maildirs
mu-info show information about the mu database
mu-init initialize the mu message database
mu-mkdir mu mkdir- create a new Maildir
mu-remove mu remove is the mu command to remove messages from the database.
mu-script mu script- show the available mu scripts, and run them.
mu-server the mu backend for the mu4e e-mail client
mu-verify mu verify- verify message signatures and display information about them
mu-view mu view- display an e-mail message file

File Formats

mu-bookmarks file with bookmarks (shortcuts) for mu search expressions


mu-query a language for finding messages in mu databases.