Package lxsession

Lightweight X11 session manager

LXSession is a standard-compliant X11 session manager with shutdown/
reboot/suspend support via systemd. In connection with gdm it also supports user

LXSession is derived from XSM and is developed as default X11 session manager
of LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. Though being part of LXDE,
it's totally desktop-independent and only has few dependencies.

General Commands (Section 1)
lxclipboard is a clipboard utility, to be able to do copy/paste operation between GTK+ applications. lxcliboard is only useful when lxsession is not compile...
lxlock is a simple script to lock the session, using third application. It currently those applications, in this order (try the next one if the application is...
This manual page documents briefly the lxsession command. lxsession is a program that provides a X11 session manager. It is the default X11 session manager of...
lxsession-default is a wrapper around LXSession D-Bus interface, which launch default applications set by LXsession. COMMAND is the application you want to...
lxsession-default-apps is an utility to set up default applications and other options for LXSession.
lxsession-default-terminal is a wrapper around LXSession D-Bus interface, which launch default terminal set by LXsession. It's equivalent to lxsession-default...
This manual page documents briefly the lxsession-logout command. lxsession-logout is a program that to logout from LXSession. It gives a good-looking logout...