Package lxc

Linux Resource Containers

Linux Resource Containers provide process and resource isolation without the
overhead of full virtualization.

Version: 4.0.12

See also: lxc-libs.

General Commands

lxc-attach start a process inside a running container.
lxc-cgroup manage the control group associated with a container
lxc-checkconfig check the current kernel for lxc support
lxc-checkpoint checkpoint a container
lxc-config query LXC system configuration
lxc-console Launch a console for the specified container
lxc-copy copy an existing container.
lxc-create creates a container
lxc-destroy destroy a container.
lxc-device manage devices of running containers
lxc-execute run an application inside a container.
lxc-freeze freeze all the container's processes
lxc-info query information about a container
lxc-ls list the containers existing on the system
lxc-monitor monitor the container state
lxc-snapshot Snapshot an existing container.
lxc-start run an application inside a container.
lxc-stop stop the application running inside a container
lxc-top monitor container statistics
lxc-unfreeze thaw all the container's processes
lxc-unshare Run a task in a new set of namespaces.
lxc-update-config update a legacy pre LXC 2.1 configuration file
lxc-usernsexec Run a task as root in a new user namespace.
lxc-wait wait for a specific container state