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Package lvm2

Userland logical volume management tools


LVM2 includes all of the support for handling read/write operations on
physical volumes (hard disks, RAID-Systems, magneto optical, etc.,
multiple devices (MD), see mdadm(8) or even loop devices, see
losetup(8)), creating volume groups (kind of virtual disks) from one
or more physical volumes and creating one or more logical volumes
(kind of logical partitions) in volume groups.

Version: 2.03.23

See also: lvm2-dbusd, lvm2-lockd.

File Formats

lvm.conf Configuration file for LVM2


lvmautoactivation LVM autoactivation
lvmcache LVM caching
lvmraid LVM RAID
lvmreport LVM reporting and related features
lvmsystemid LVM system ID
lvmthin LVM thin provisioning
lvmvdo Support for Virtual Data Optimizer in LVM

System Administration

fsadm utility to resize or check filesystem on a device
lvchange Change the attributes of logical volume(s)
lvconvert Change logical volume layout
lvcreate Create a logical volume
lvdisplay Display information about a logical volume
lvextend Add space to a logical volume
lvm LVM2 tools
lvm-config alias for lvmconfig
lvm-dumpconfig alias for lvmconfig
lvm-fullreport Display full report
lvm-lvpoll Continue already initiated poll operation on a logical volume
lvm_import_vdo utility to import VDO volumes into a new volume group.
lvmconfig Display and manipulate configuration information
lvmdevices Manage the devices file
lvmdiskscan List devices that may be used as physical volumes
lvmdump create lvm2 information dumps for diagnostic purposes
lvmpolld LVM poll daemon
lvmsadc LVM system activity data collector
lvmsar LVM system activity reporter
lvreduce Reduce the size of a logical volume
lvremove Remove logical volume(s) from the system
lvrename Rename a logical volume
lvresize Resize a logical volume
lvs Display information about logical volumes
lvscan List all logical volumes in all volume groups
pvchange Change attributes of physical volume(s)
pvck Check metadata on physical volumes
pvcreate Initialize physical volume(s) for use by LVM
pvdisplay Display various attributes of physical volume(s)
pvmove Move extents from one physical volume to another
pvremove Remove LVM label(s) from physical volume(s)
pvresize Resize physical volume(s)
pvs Display information about physical volumes
pvscan List all physical volumes
vgcfgbackup Backup volume group configuration(s)
vgcfgrestore Restore volume group configuration
vgchange Change volume group attributes
vgck Check the consistency of volume group(s)
vgconvert Change volume group metadata format
vgcreate Create a volume group
vgdisplay Display volume group information
vgexport Unregister volume group(s) from the system
vgextend Add physical volumes to a volume group
vgimport Register exported volume group with system
vgimportclone Import a VG from cloned PVs
vgimportdevices Add devices for a VG to the devices file.
vgmerge Merge volume groups
vgmknodes Create the special files for volume group devices in /dev
vgreduce Remove physical volume(s) from a volume group
vgremove Remove volume group(s)
vgrename Rename a volume group
vgs Display information about volume groups
vgscan Search for all volume groups
vgsplit Move physical volumes into a new or existing volume group